We do not just sell, we delve into the task and offer the best.


We are eco, do you? All our wooden hot tubs and barrel outdoor saunas have wood-fired heaters.  


All our products are created for your comfort and peace of mind. You can enjoy the pleasures and health benefits that come with our products – wooden hot tubs and outdoor saunas.



To avoid the effects of stress, people tend to think of a moderate lifestyle, use old ones and seek new ways of healing, recuperation, and spirits. Hot water from ancient times was considered one of the best ways to gain fresh strength, beauty, and health.


The sensations that water procedures give in the gentle and natural ancestral embrace of a wooden bath are incomparable to anything. Indeed, it is something for which certain expenditures, sacrifices, and efforts are worth making. What can be compared to the pleasure of touching the skin of polished precious wood? The pleasure increases the delicate aesthetic of what happens. The aura of balticspa products cannot be imitated or forged.

Wooden hot tubs, outdoor saunas, camping pods, BBQ huts and many more!

A wide range of model products that will reflect your style of residential and industrial buildings, as well as all components for their correct operation.


Our unprocessed and beautiful wood will last for decades and will even become more beautiful over the years. Unlike many of our competitors, we develop our products to preserve eternal memories of fun and relaxation. 


We sell exclusively certified equipment at prices recommended by manufacturers. We provide a factory warranty for the whole model range. We provide professional advice on the selection of goods and deliver them at short notice on favorable terms.


Baltic SPA Saunas & Hot Tubs Ltd has been supplying wooden hydro-massage baths, barbecue huts, saunas, and other recreational goods of the highest quality for more than a decade. Unlike many other suppliers, we care not only for the sale of our hydro-massage baths, working on firewood. We want you to have a place where you can forget your day-to-day worries; a place where you can relax and spend some time. Our products are designed for comfort, style, durability, and luxury.


Baltic provides an innovative invention, which allows to set up a thermal spa for health and relaxation right at home. Due to the carefully designed design – the font can be used at any time of the year. Our fonts are made of composite and heat-resistant wood. The bowl material fully meets modern standards and does not emit harmful substances during heating.


All you need to make yourself comfortable is firewood, water, and some essential oils in combination with herbal boils. Fill it with water, then start the boiler with wood. In 2-3 hours the font will warm up to 40°C, and you will be able to fully enjoy the procedure, taking your mind off the routine business for the benefit of your health. Regular bathing in a vat contributes to the strengthening of the immune system, weight reduction, improvement of skin condition and blood supply. The heated wood fonts are evenly warmed and maintain the required temperature throughout the procedure. As a result, the human body experiences a kind of “vascular gymnastics”, which exerts a therapeutic effect, stimulates kidney activity, and helps with rheumatic pain.


With dedication and focus comes excellence, and here at Baltic, we are concerned with one thing only – QUALITY.


We have been manufacturing a range of VIP products from premium wood for over 15 years.


We keep things simple and we do not hire sales managers. We do not abandon "ours" after the sale, we take upon ourselves the solution of problems if they arise.


We are the market leaders because our customers and our products have put us there.

THE GUARANTEE OF Hot Tubs Ltd & Baltic SPA Saunas

We value each client because our service begins the moment you pick up the phone and ask. By contacting Baltic SPA Saunas & Hot Tubs Ltd, the buyer can be calm – any dispute is settled by agreement.

There is nothing better than a warm, healthy environment in which you can enjoy yourself with friends and family. Let us help you create this connection with our superb wood products.