7 Ways to Enjoy the Beautiful Health Benefits of a Home Sauna

7 Ways to Enjoy the Beautiful Health Benefits of a Home Sauna

7 Ways to Enjoy the Beautiful Health Benefits of a Home Sauna

The sauna is not just some old lady’s idea of a good time. The sauna will do wonders for your health, making you feel relaxed and refreshed in the process. Here are seven ways to enjoy the beautiful health benefits of a home sauna.

Health benefits of a home sauna

1. Help you feel more relaxed

It’s not just a cliché – research shows that sitting in a sauna or steam room does cause your blood pressure to lower, your heart rate to slow down, and your stress levels to drop dramatically. Not only are you relaxing your muscles, but you are also relaxing your mind. It is the perfect antidote to modern life, which is why it’s become so popular lately.

2. Help fight off colds and other illnesses

The heat from the sauna will open up all of your pores, allowing for the release of sweat that will flush out toxins from your body. Sweat also contains sodium, which is why your doctor may recommend eating salty foods when you’re sick. By sweating in the sauna, you can get your body to produce all this natural salt on its own without needing to eat anything.

3. Help you burn calories

It wouldn’t be a fitness blog if we didn’t mention that sitting in a sauna or steam room will burn calories. If you sit for 20 minutes in a hot room (140 degrees Fahrenheit), you can burn upwards of 500 calories! It makes it easy to stick with your diet and lose weight at the same time.

4. Help you manage pain

The heat from the sauna will help your body relax, which will make you less likely to feel pain. It has even been shown to reduce pain for people with fibromyalgia and arthritis.

5. Improve your circulation

Sitting in a hot room helps your blood vessels expand, bringing more blood – and oxygen – to all of the cells in your body. This helps get more nutrients to the skin, allowing it to repair itself more quickly and look healthier as a result. It’s a good way of naturally revitalizing yourself from the inside out.

6. Help you sleep better

One of the most amazing things about the sauna is that it has severe sleep benefits, too. When you sit in a hot room, your body is essentially re-training itself to fall asleep at night. Your blood pressure drops, your body temperature goes down, and you wind up getting deep, restful sleep. It’s almost like magic!

7. Improve your mood

If you spend enough time in a hot room, it can improve your mood and make you feel happier overall. This is particularly true if you have been dealing with stress for a while. The sauna will help you unwind and relax, which is the physical and mental equivalent of a hug from an old friend.

What are the contradictions?

Even though it seems like a sauna is a miracle cure for basically everything, it does have a few contradictions.

  1. If you have high blood pressure: If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or are taking medication to control your blood pressure, you should talk with your doctor before using a sauna. In some cases, sitting in sweltering rooms can even cause seizures and cardiac arrest in people who already have issues with their heart rate or blood pressure.
  2. If you’re going somewhere afterward: If you sit in a sauna or steam room for too long, the sweat on your body will start to cool off and become chilly when exposed to the outside air. This can cause your blood vessels to constrict, making you feel cold and decreasing your body temperature even further. It is best to use a sauna before getting in the shower or pool after you are finished.
  3. If you have any open wounds on your skin: The hot air from the sauna will make it harder for your skin to breathe, which means that any open cuts or sores will get infected much more quickly than usual. If you want to avoid that, just apply some natural salt to the area before getting in the sauna.


The sauna has been around for centuries, and it is a wonderful tool when it comes to improving your health. It can be very relaxing and is an excellent way to unwind from the daily grind. However, it is essential to use safety precautions when using a sauna, as it can be hazardous if not used properly.


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