1. Preface

Any bath can help you relax after a hard day, but only a Jacuzzi gives you real relaxation. At the same time, plumbing with a hydromassage mechanism not only makes water procedures more pleasant but also benefits the organism. So after you buy it, you have to understand carefully how to operate a hydromassage bath.

  1. General advice

2.1 How useful are saunas?

The sauna, in its modern form, represents the confluence of several elements of nature – fire, air, and water – it in a reasonable combination cleanses the body from bad things, and the soul from evil thoughts. That’s what the ancestors knew, and it’s just as true today.

Nowadays the sauna has become popular among men and women who care about their health, want to lose weight, and have their bodies cleaned.

The sauna is useful for almost everything, from infants to old people, the most important thing is to use it properly. When visiting the sauna, the cardiovascular system is trained, blood flow is activated, the pulse is increased and the pressure remains the same. Through activation of metabolism, excess fat is burned and «bad» cholesterol is removed.

The bath is useful to people with both high and low pressure: under the action of steam from water and herbal infusions, the pressure is normal. As a result, the blood absorbs more oxygen and transports it to the tissue.

HOME SAUNASauna pairs must have a stimulating effect on muscles and skin, increasing exchange processes and toxins. This is especially good after physical exercise, training, and competition.

2.2 How many sauna visits are required?

Specialists recommend spending in the bath and sauna as long as necessary to ensure good sweating and body warming. Therefore, for each individual, it is an individual meaning.

The main rule is not to harm one’s health. If discomfort or ill health is detected, the procedure must be terminated.

2.3 How is the sauna heated?

The heating time depends on the material of the sauna, the size of the sauna, and the power of the furnace. The heating time of the sauna can be determined experimentally, but the general instruction is that the surface of the upper stones requires 1 kWh/m. energy, wooden surface – 0.5 kWh/m. If the surface of stones is 3 m2, the sauna must be heated by a 3 kW furnace for one hour longer than usual. The basic principle is that a conventional oven heats a sauna in 40-60 minutes, provided that the oven is chosen correctly.

2.4 Stimulation by color light

The optical fiber has not only an end glow but also a side glow so that light can be emitted both point-to-point from the ends of the fibers at the cross-section of the cable and along the entire length thereof. In saunas such possibility allows the realization of contoured illumination of shelves and other elements to highlight features of the interior and make it more expressive.

2.5. Types of sauna bath

  • Finnish sauna: Traditional Finnish sauna is a dry sauna. The wellness procedure in the Finnish sauna is carried out at a temperature of 90-120 C and a humidity of not more than 15%. In many ways, the Finnish sauna resembles the Russian bath. Hot steam is present inside the room and during the procedure, birch brooms are massaged.
  • Herbal sauna: It is classified as a wet sauna. In such a room the humidity of the air reaches almost 100%, and the temperature reaches +50 € C. Wet steam is applied after the body peeling, during which dead cells are removed, gentle aromas and appealing smells come from the grass and enhance the relaxing impression of the session.
  • Bath with warm air: Air temperature in the room should not be higher than +50 C and humidity should not be higher than 30%. By stimulating blood circulation, the salty sauna helps to combat cellulite. During the procedure, no fog is collected due to a special fresh air supply.
  • Soft steam bath: It is distinguished by a mild microclimate, which is characterized by a low temperature combined with almost absolute humidity. In the bathhouse, you can relax and perform various cosmetic procedures: masks, massages, pilings.
  1. Your first sauna session

For the first time, when you decide to visit a sauna, it is best to allocate up to 2 hours and take the following sauna equipment:Towel

  1. Shales
  2. Moisturizer Cream

Before entering the bathhouse, you should wash the body under the shower, but you should not wet your hair. You don’t have to wash the skin with soap so you don’t flush the protective film, it protects the skin from drying under high temperatures. After a shower, thoroughly clean the body of water, then in the steam room it will be heated evenly.

You can’t put cream on your body before visiting, it disrupts your skin breath and beats the pores. When you go into the steam room, put on a cap.

  1. Your first sauna

All bath procedures are carried out in stages, with the steam room alternating with short rest breaks.

The first approach prepares the body for temperature loads and relaxation, therefore it is the longest. The stay time ranges from 10 to 15 minutes.

On a first visit, the body can react to high-temperature conditions with maroon spots. This indicates that receptacles are actively expanding and adapting to new conditions. It is recommended to alternate regular paired visits with contrasting water procedures to effectively train the vessels.

After the first pass, it is necessary to cool the warm body and clean the skin. For this purpose, it is necessary to take a warm shower and to make a light skin cleaning. A rest break followed, during which massage procedures are permitted.

To replenish the fluid in the body, you can drink any bath drink – warm tea, herbal solution, morse, or pure water.

The second and third visits last up to 8-10 minutes, which is enough time to increase the sweat, start the internal cleanup of slags and toxins, to get organs and systems working.

During the rest period, a mask is applied to the skin which will provide additional food and moisture.

After the third visit, you should take a warm shower, wash your hair thoroughly, and apply masks or lotions made of natural ingredients.

For accelerated detoxification of the organism after taking a shower, a scrub or cream based on sea salt and aromatic oils is applied to the skin.

With careful preparation of the organism, the number of visits in a bath increases up to 6 times.

For most people, baths and saunas have become a ritual, a place for a pleasant stay with close friends. In addition, the favorable effect of clean steam and a hot bath broom leaves a pleasant memory and a feeling of satisfaction.

  1. Conclusion

  • Take your time. It has been proved that the greatest pleasure of a visit to the bathhouse is when a person can enter the steam room several times, leaving time for rest;
  • After completion of procedures in the home sauna for the apartment, a long, full rest is recommended;
  • Don’t sweat when you’re ill;
  • Do not enter the bathhouse immediately after eating, or while intoxicated;
  • All decorations, watches, and glasses are removed before visiting the sauna;
  • Smoking in the sauna should be avoided and all traffic should be reduced to a minimum;
  • If you take pleasure in contrast, a cool shower may be taken between treatments;
  • Short rest is much more important than contrast;
  • After visiting the bath or sauna, you must wait 20 minutes until the body is cooled down. At this time you can take a shower;
  • Don’t wipe with a towel, because it will dry the skin.

Enjoy your sauna with the knowledge you have acquired here today! Don’t forget to relax and have fun!