Baltic Spa Hot Tub: a New Age for Relaxation

Baltic Spa Hot Tub: a New Age for Relaxation

Baltic Spa Hot Tub: a New Age for Relaxation

A hot tub is a central feature in many homes and corporations. There are several different types of these tubs and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Today, we will discuss the emergence of the Baltic spa hot tub as one of today’s best choices.

What is the Baltic Spa Hot Tub?

This type is typically cylindrical or oval-shaped with an inflatable top that can be inflated as desired. The interior uses a system for heating water (near boiling) that allows it to maintain both temperatures efficiently. It is insulated to keep the water at the proper temperature for relaxation.


This hot tub style comes with several features, including an inflatable top, built-in filtration system (built into the rim), automatic drain valve (so it does not take up room in your bathroom), and an easy-access draining system for your convenience.


How Does The Baltic Spa Hot Tub Work?

The hot tub uses copper pipes that lead to a heating element, then through multiple control valves so it can maintain both temperatures simultaneously. The spa’s base sits on top of the heating coils. Since water in a hot tub is lighter than air, the top of the tub uses a special valve to equalize the pressure.


The water in these tubs is maintained at a near-boiling temperature, usually around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to literally cook within your hot tub, which allows you to truly relax. The jets are strategically placed for maximum stimulation and relaxation. The exterior of the unit maintains this same temperature using a unique insulation system that allows it to maintain its temperature efficiently for years on end.


What Sets This Hot Tub Apart?

It has been noted by many individuals who have used these hot tubs that they literally feel like they are being cooked when in their hot tubs. This is because the water maintains a near-boiling temperature. This is common with other types of spas, but these are typically not made for extended periods of sitting. These are specifically designed to allow individuals to relax comfortably in the tub for hours on end.


The design of these hot tubs allows it to maintain its temperature efficiently over time, which makes it energy efficient as well!


The inflatable top provides a space that you can enjoy under the stars or under any lighting that you choose for your hot tub area. It also allows you to comfortably lounge as it acts as a soft cushion, as opposed to rigid sides that leave little room for relaxation.


The automatic drain is designed to come out of the bottom of the hot tub at a specific time after it has been filled with water. This saves you the hassle of having to stay near the tub, waiting for it to drain. It also gives you extra time in your hot tub as you do not need to be concerned with its draining period.


The easy access valve is another convenience that makes your life easier when using your hot tub. Enjoying your spa will no longer require that you leave the water to drain it during certain periods of use. Draining the unit is made easy through an access point on top of the unit so you can easily drain water out without moving it around, or lugging hoses around with you.


The Construction of the Spa Hot Tub

Typically, these tubs are made out of solid plastic shape with a steel frame. The heating system is often found in the center of the unit, usually not far from your seating area. This is to ensure that you receive the proper warmth when in your hot tub.


The exterior of the unit is usually made out of heavy-duty plastic mesh (which allows it to be made out of durable material for years), acrylic resin (which gives it durability), or fiberglass meshes (usually in white only). High-quality materials are used in these models because they are meant to withstand years on end without breaking down, unlike some cheaper units that use inferior materials.


The Hot Tub Cover

The cover is usually made out of cloth or vinyl material, with some vinyl covers using specialty materials that are dishwasher safe. All hot tub covers are designed to be washable so they retain their shape after washing. Most of them are UV resistant so your hot tub will stay looking pretty for years on end.


They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors (usually with the same material), which means you can find one that perfectly matches the exterior of your hot tub. The cover is stored in a closet nearby your spa, with the heating coils underneath it. This allows it to be easily stored when not in use.



The good news is that these hot tubs are very easy to maintain. They are made to be leak-proof, which means you do not have to worry about leaks inside the tub. With this feature, along with its double insulated walls, you can use your hot tub for hours on end without having to drain it often. The water is also very easy to maintain because it is filtered through various layers of filtration systems so you do not have to worry about hair or dirt being washed out of the spas. The only real maintenance that may be necessary is for certain parts of the unit, such as replacing a part of your heating system if it becomes faulty after years of use.


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