Bath for health and pleasure

Bath for health and pleasure

Hydro massage baths, which are commonly called “jacuzzi”, appeared in the homes not so long ago, about 15-20 years ago. During this short period, they gained enough popularity and ceased to be perceived as exotic. To date, whirlpool baths have become a very affordable and common element of bathroom equipment.

Under the name of inventors

Hot tubs came into use in the 1950s in the United States and were invented by a family of Italian immigrants named jacuzzi, who later patented their invention and created a company of the same name for the production of this type of plumbing. The first jacuzzi bath was powered by a hydraulic pump immersed in an ordinary water bath, which gave off a massage jet with the effect of boiling water. Over time, hot tubs have improved and gained worldwide popularity. Today on the market of sanitary ware it is possible to buy hydro massage bathtubs with a huge choice of options: hydro massage, aero massage, hydro aero massage, aromatherapy, chemotherapy, etc. The leading world manufacturers of sanitary ware do not stop improving existing hydro massage systems and developing new ones.

Modern jacuzzi is used not only for hygiene but also as a means of preventing problems with the CNS and musculoskeletal system. Whirlpool baths are equipped with special nozzles (mechanical sprays), which are built into the walls. The preventive and therapeutic effect is achieved by the action of jets of water mixed with air on certain parts of the body. The pressure is created by a pump, and the water pressure supplied can be controlled by a special regulator.

Opportunities and selection criteria

Given the short history of using the jacuzzi in the homes, many face certain difficulties and a lack of information on the selection criteria for these plumbing fixtures.

First of all, it is necessary to be defined with a material of a hydro massage bathtub. They are made of cast iron, marble, and acrylic. Cast iron is not the best option for a jacuzzi. It is heavy and inflexible, which makes it difficult to build injectors, which provide a hydro massage effect. Marble products look chic and durable, but they take up a lot of space, which is often a problem for city apartments, and are expensive. Thus, the most popular material for the manufacture of whirlpool baths was acrylic. Features of its molecular structure allow adding acrylic any form that gives the chance to make products of various outlines. In addition, this substance has sufficient softness to allow the nozzles to cut. Also, acrylic is quite resistant to external factors, which in practice means durability and good condition of such a bath. When choosing a jacuzzi, you must also pay attention to the presence of an anti-slip coating.

Varieties and price

A large variety of models of whirlpool baths forms a wide price and type line. The market offers both simple rectangular and angular options with a small set of functions, and real SPA-salons with sensors of water level, temperature, pressure, chemotherapy function, turbo-massage, etc.

The hot tub can technically be used for daily hygienic procedures. However, experts recommend if possible (if space and finances allow) a tandem jacuzzi with a shower or box. This is the most successful combination, in which the soul is given a hygienic role, and the jacuzzi is used for relaxing and therapeutic and massage procedures.

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