Steam wisely

WHAT TO WEAR, HOW TO GO, WHAT TO TAKE WITH YOURSELF – a person who is going to a bathhouse or sauna for the first time has a lot of questions. And those who have already gone to take a steam bath often feel uncomfortable in the bath and do not understand what exactly needs […]


Choosing the “right” material

A whirlpool bath, like any other, can be made of almost any material: acrylic and quarry, steel, cast iron, marble, stone. Each of the materials we have named has its strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a bath, proceed only from personal preference, since user reviews about the same material can be opposed. Below you can […]

Bath for health

Bath for health and pleasure

Hydro massage baths, which are commonly called “jacuzzi”, appeared in the homes not so long ago, about 15-20 years ago. During this short period, they gained enough popularity and ceased to be perceived as exotic. To date, whirlpool baths have become a very affordable and common element of bathroom equipment. Under the name of inventors […]

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