Care, extended functionality, and design

Care, extended functionality, and design

Care: a guarantee of long-term operation 

All buyers have one desire – that the acquired outdoor sauna with hydromassage will serve for a long time. It is good that at least 10 years it performs its functions without problems. This is possible because many manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty on their equipment. 

The guarantee of long-term pleasure from hydromassage sessions is the correct use and maintenance of the equipment. 

First, you need to carefully read the instructions. And use the hot tub as it is indicated there – do not pour foam, salt, dyes, and other cosmetics, the use of which is prohibited by the manufacturer.  

Secondly, it is necessary to regularly wash and disinfect the outdoor sauna with all the equipment. The instructions contain recommendations on how often these works should be performed. Usually, after each hydromassage session, you need to thoroughly wash the bowl of the container, removing any contaminants from the walls and bottom. As for disinfection, it is advisable to do this after 5-7 procedures. 

Thirdly, special agents should be used for washing and disinfection, recommended or approved by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can cause irreparable harm to your mini spa.

Fourth, do not forget about your jacuzzi. It is worth turning on the hydromassage system at least once a week. In the event of prolonged downtime, the equipment can fail very quickly.

Timely outdoor sauna care, disinfection, using only special products will not only save you from troubles but will also allow you to enjoy the massage for at least 10 years.

An outdoor sauna with a hydromassage system is an expensive pleasure that will delight you for the next ten years, so its choice must be taken very seriously. 

Consider the available offers, pay attention to the design features, study the technical specifications, consult with specialists, and only then make a purchase. 

Extended functionality: bonuses for expensive models

In addition to the appropriate size, shape, and material, additional functions and equipment are important. All this, of course, is directly reflected in the price. The cheapest baths can offer the user only hydromassage – when water flows under pressure through special holes in the sidewalls, which has a massage effect on body parts.  

If you settled on an expensive model, take an interest in additional features and decide if you need them, because the high cost is just a set of pleasant “bonuses”. 

The backlight, located underwater, affects the emotional state of a person.  

Manufacturers call the illumination system chromotherapy – this is the term you can find in the instructions.

Ozone therapy is another way to increase the comfort of being in the water, which has an additional therapeutic effect. The method of recovery, previously available only in thermal spas, has migrated to private homes. The essence of the therapeutic effect is in the immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect on the body.  

Hydro Ozone therapy can fight viruses, bacteria, moreover, it cleans the skin well, makes it more elastic. 

Aromatherapy also has a therapeutic effect. A little essential oil must be placed in a special compartment which heats up together with hydromassage, they have a healing effect. 

Choosing one of your favorite aromas (roses, lavender, tangerine), you can relax perfectly and get double pleasure from the procedure of taking a bath.  

Additional technical options do not produce an external effect, but they do make the bathing process as comfortable as possible. These include the following functions:

  • protection against “dry start”
  • temperature control with thermostat
  • the presence of check valves in the nozzles
  • automatic shutdown in case of electric leakage
  • built-in water purification filters with replaceable cartridges

Features of the whirlpool baths design 

The variety of design concerns mainly size, shape, and technical equipment. The design of the body of cast-iron and steel bathtubs is traditional, acrylic products are distinguished by a variety of forms of execution, and equipment is made of artificial stone and strange.

Unlike ordinary baths, among which you can find samples in retro style or avant-garde designs, whirlpool equipment looks mostly the same. 

You can find rare specimens of unusual design, but they will be either very expensive works of authorship or made to order. 

Keep in mind that whirlpool equipment can disrupt the style of the bathroom if you offer the country, province, or English classics. But the white gloss will perfectly fit into a modern interior, decorated in high-tech or minimalist style.

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