Dreamed of spending a relaxing moment in hot tub

Dreamed of spending a relaxing moment in hot tub

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending a relaxing moment in a spa after a long working day? Today, thanks to the outdoor saunas available on the market, it is possible to recreate a wellness corner even in the garden or on the terrace of the house without having to invest excessive sums. This type of spa, similar to a home sauna,i s in fact very easy to install and allows you to carve out your own wellness space 365 days a year: the ideal solution to take care of your health, improve mood, fight stress and even obtain positive effects on the immune system and blood circulation. But what is the best place to place it and how to place the outdoor sauna to optimize space? Here are some useful tips to understand how to use your space to host the outdoor sauna.

The Best Spaces to Use to Place an Outdoor Sauna


Contrary to what one might think, positioning an outdoor sauna is an easy operation: the interventions to be carried out mainly concern the electrical system that will power the stove: the right opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the spa. , designing a real space dedicated to well-being in your garden.

Do you want to turn your garden into a small Scandinavian paradise? We have chosen for you the best saunas to be placed outside




Relaxing, beneficial and fascinating, the outdoor sauna makes our garden even more luxurious and welcoming, ideal for spending a day dedicated to relaxation and well-being, without giving up the view we enjoy from our garden.


In addition to having relaxation and detoxification capabilities, outdoor hot tubs help eliminate acids and toxins from our skin, stimulating the autonomic system and improving metabolism.


For this reason, today we are going to discover the best garden sauna, ideal for decorating the outdoor space and indulging in an oasis of relaxation.


Large Canadian wooden sauna


This Finnish sauna model is a jewel of technique, skill and aesthetics. The sauna, which can accommodate up to 5 people, is equipped with 7 mm thick glass and is really simple to install. This elegantly designed cabin is made entirely of Canadian hemlock wood: it is a suitable wood as it does not secrete incandescent resin and maintains a high level of safety in use. The cabin has a consumption of 8kW, and is equipped with some options such as the hourglass, the thermometer and a control panel.


Prestigious hemlock wood sauna


Made of hemlock wood, a type of wood suitable for the construction of saunas, this sauna can accommodate up to four people. The Sawo stove allows you to reach a temperature of 90 ° in dry heat, and the cabin is able to isolate the heat through walls with insulation and 8 mm thick tempered glass.


Infrared sauna with ceramic stove


This fascinating infrared wooden hot tubs sauna can be placed outside, or in any interior, such as a bathroom or corridor. The ceramic stove set ensures even heating of your body and the integrated radio with a selection of your favorite music creates the right atmosphere for home relaxation. This Infrared sauna is suitable for one person.


Small wood burning hot tubs sauna ideal for one person


This small sauna can accommodate only one person, ideal for those who do not have much space or for those who want a space all to themselves. It is estimated that a quarter of an hour

in the sauna eliminates the same amount of waste that the kidney functions expel in a whole day, with important benefits for mood and other physical and organic functions.


Infrared sauna


This model of round hot tubs, being infrared, takes less time to reach high temperatures, unlike the Finnish one which takes about an hour. For this reason it has a much lower consumption…

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