Experience the Renewing Energies of Wood Fired Sauna

Experience the Renewing Energies of Wood Fired Sauna

Experience the Renewing Energies of Wood Fired Sauna

Is your mental health dipping? Is the winter weather really doing a number on you? Do you need to find a way to feel more energized this year, whether it be for your physical or emotional well-being? If so, then I have something that may interest you.

A wood-fired sauna is a perfect opportunity for an introspective retreat. It has been shown to improve moods, increase levels of serotonin in the body, and promote relaxation. It is also my personal favorite form of exercise because it provides all of these benefits with no negative side effects.


Wood-Fired saunas also provide a unique opportunity to learn about one of the most ancient healing traditions in the world. Learning about the healing properties of a wood fire is a wonderful way to gain a deeper appreciation for all things natural.


What happens when you step into a wood-fired sauna? As your body begins to sweat and roast away, you will begin to notice that you feel more relaxed and your mental health improves. You may not even notice at first, but after staying in for 30 minutes or more, the effects become apparent.


There are a few different types of wood-fired saunas. The traditional Finnish Wood Fired sauna has been around for almost a century and was one of the first methods used to burn away toxins from the body. There have been other methodologies developed over the years, but all have similar principles. You may want to try a white or black Finnish Sauna to find out if this is something you would enjoy doing.


In addition, there are other kinds of saunas that beginners might want to check out as well. These include the Japanese Sauna, Turkish Sauna, and Vichy shower saunas as well as many others.


One of the most difficult things about a wood-fired sauna may be that you have to go to a special facility or set them up yourself in order to properly enjoy them. If you do wish to set up one at home, however, here is a broad guide of what you will need and what they will look like.


First and foremost, you will need to make sure that your sauna has enough room for two people and that it is completely insulated. You can do this by dressing in layers and having towels at the ready. Additionally, you may want to wear shoes, socks, washable yoga mats, and ponchos (or other covering) for the duration of your time in the sauna.


How do you go about getting started?

Here are some helpful tips:


  1. Use the heat to your advantage. It is normal for your body temperature to rise to 100 degrees or so by the time you are done with your sauna session. This will help you sweat, but it won’t be harmful if you feel safe in the hot environment. Remember that there is no need to be nervous! The temperature of a regular sauna is 110-120 degrees, and even the hottest wood-fired saunas stay around 200-220 degrees. However, it is best to err on the side of caution and take care when everyone’s body temperature rises.
  2. Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water minimizes issues with dehydration and maintains a healthy body temperature. Try to drink at least one glass of water before you step into the sauna, and if you do not feel thirsty during the first half of your visit, then drink a glass of water.
  3. Stay out! Even if you have been in for a shorter period of time, it is important to stay out at least 10 minutes once you have finished. This time should be used as an additional cooldown phase so that your body may return to its normal state as quickly as possible.
  4. Finally, remember that no one should ever exercise from within a sauna without being properly trained to do so. You should consult a physician before beginning to use a wood-fired sauna in your home for a good reason.


You may also want to keep in mind that when using a wood-fired sauna, you would be wise to stay away from any chemical-based products, such as shampoo and conditioner. In addition, you will want to make sure that you are free from any medical conditions before starting an exercise program.


In conclusion, a wood-fired sauna is a wonderful way to improve your general health and relieve stress. It is a great option for those who have a lack exercise options due to medical reasons, as well as those who have been sedentary for an extended period of time.


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