Factors to consider before hiring a hot tub

Factors to consider before hiring a hot tub

If you’re looking to buy a hot tub and you’re not sure which factors to consider before making the investment, we’ve got just the article for you! Keep reading for all sorts of insider information on how to ensure that your purchase goes smoothly by considering questions like what size of the hot tub will best suit your needs, how often it should be serviced, where would be the best place for it to go in relation to the home’s climate, etc.

So check this article out before deciding on whether or not you should invest in a hot tub of your own! We hope this gives some good insight into what might make sense for your situation.

Before hiring a Hot Tub you have a few factors to consider…

  1. Do you need Garden Access?- All of our Hot Tubs come with garden access and can be installed anywhere in your garden.
  2. What size Hot Tub do you need? – A small two-person hot tub will be cheaper and easier to move around, but a larger hot tub might be more appealing if you have a big family or want to host lots of friends.
  3. How often do you plan on using your Hot Tub? – If this is going to be an extra-occasional purchase then it’s probably not worth spending a lot on a high-end model, but if it’s going to be an everyday thing then the investment might be worth it.
  4. What’s an electricity point (indoor or outdoor)? – If you plan on installing the hot tub in your home, then you’ll need an electric socket.
  5. Is your tap outside or inside? – If your Hot Tub has to be indoors then you need to think of where you’re going to put it.
  6. How long will it take for the Hot Tub to heat up? – This is usually between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the model, so try and find out how long the one you want takes because if you want to use it right away, then you might be out of luck.
  7. Does it come with an automatic cleaning system? – This could save you a lot of time, especially if this is not a primary purchase.
  8. Is there a suitable surface? – If you’ve bought a freestanding Hot Tub, then it should be easy to attach a surface to it. However, if you have an inside unit, then think about whether or not you will be able to get the surface and position it properly.
  9. How long have they been selling? – If they have been on the market for quite some time, then there is going to be a good amount of feedback on the quality of the product and services that are offered by the company.
  10. Is there a warranty? – This can make all of the difference in deciding which Hot Tub will suit you best and if something goes wrong, then you can search for reviews regarding this.
  11. How Long To Set Up? – This will depend on how you’re going to transport the Hot Tub to your chosen location. Generally, if it’s an indoor model, then it should only take a few minutes depending on the size.
  12. Is there any maintenance required? – This is mainly dependent on the model and what kind of chemicals are in the hot tub. If you have natural mineral water or carbon-filled one, then you’ll need to check if regular cleaning is required or not.
  13. How Long does it take to heat?- This is how long it takes to get the temperature of the water above 60 degrees Celsius. Depending on the climate you live in, this can vary depending on the size and capacity.
  14. Are there any accessories that come with it – such as cover, air pump, or chemicals/bromine? If so, then it’s always good to see what kind of bonus items you can get for your money.


Ideally, you should have an idea of what you’re looking for in a hot tub. The above is a brief summary of what to consider so take your time to get the best deal on one that suits your needs. Good luck in finding the right hot tub for you.