What do i need to do prepare for my tub or sauna before it arrives?

Our products are generally very easy to set up, and require a minimal amount of preparation before delivery. You will need to make sure you have a firm and level location for your product. If you have ordered a wood-fired hot tub you will need access to a garden hose to fill it up, as well as a couple of bags of dry firewood to start it up. If you have chosen an electrical product it is important you contact a competent electrician to discuss the safest way to connect it to the mains supply.

Do i need to change the water in my hot tub regularly?

If you do not intend to install a filtration system you will need to change the water in your hot tub every 2-3 days. If you are using it frequently or if it is being used by several different people you may prefer to change the water on a daily basis. Fitting a filtration system and using some chemicals give you the option to change the water less often.

Are saunas safe to use?

If saunas are used as directed they are perfectly safe to use and can actually offer many health benefits. There are a few precautions  you should be aware of though….

You should not use a sauna if you are pregnant, drunk or using recreational drugs

If you suffer from diabetes, heart disease or another condition that affects your blood pressure you should check with your GP before using a sauna
If you experience any dizziness, or feel sleepy or uncomfortable you should exit the sauna immediately and cool down  in the fresh air
It is safer (and more enjoyable) to share your  sauna experience with another person
Limit your sauna session to a maximum of 15-20 minutes
Drink plenty of water before and after your session to keep your body well hydrated

How long should a sauna session last?

We recommend the maximum time you should spend in your sauna is 15-20 minutes per session.

If my sauna is outdoors how long can i expect it to last?

Larch and spruce are superior quality woods that are incredibly durable and require minimal upkeep. Many saunas are still usable after 15-20 years.

How do i look after my wooden sauna?
It really couldn’t be easier to take care of your wooden sauna. The seating area can simply be wiped with a mild detergent and clean warm water. The outside of your sauna will take care of itself due to the natural durability of the wood used. If you would like to retain the original colouring you can apply Danish Oil to the exterior wood.
I have noticed your products are cheaper than similar products that are available. Why is this?

At Baltic SPA Saunas & Hot Tubs Ltd, our products are constructed using premium quality spruce or larch wood that is grown in well managed, Siberian forests. Due to our strong relationships with our suppliers we are able to negotiate very competitive prices for our wood and we are proud to offer these fair and competitive prices to our customers. We also do not ship wood from Canada which affects the pricing dramatically.

We are committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service, as a business this is more important to us than excessive profits.

Who will install mu product?

When you receive your delivery, your product will already be fully constructed and ready for installation. The driver will help you positioning the hot tub, but you will need some men power at your end if there are no lifting facilities. 4 men can normally carry the tub without major issues. If you have a Sauna coming, you will need to make sure you have a forklift with extended forks or a tele-porter / crane. Crane services are around £150/hour and one hour in most cases is more than enough to lift the sauna into the required position.

If you have decided to opt for an electrical product it will need to be installed by a qualified electrician which you will need to arrange prior to delivery.

How do i clean my wooden hot tub?

Keeping your hot tub clean is very easy. Natural cleaning products are recommended. First add a mild disinfectant to the hot tub and leave it for up to an hour. Begin to drain the water from the tub. While the tub is wet scrub it using a sponge or a soft bristled brush. Always make sure you rinse the hot tub thoroughly before refilling.

Are wooden hot tubs difficult to keep clean?

Not at all. Unless you really neglect your tub it will last for years with minimal effort. Wood naturally releases a gentle antiseptic that will help to protect your product.

How long will my wooden hot tubs last?

Look after your product as directed and it will last a very long time. Our tubs are made from spruce (average life 10 years) or larch (average life 20+ years) high quality woods known for their longevity. There are a few things you can do to help prolong the life of your tub. For instance we recommend a coat of protective oil on at least an annual basis.

Do wooden hot tubs leak?

Many of our customers ask this question. Yes, it is quite likely you will experience some leakage from a brand new tub. But given time the water will cause the wood to expand and this will close all the joints resulting in a watertight finish. Spruce can take 3-5days to swell up and seal up and larch can even take over a week. It is recommended to start filling up the tub with water once the delivery of the tub is accepted to avoid wood shrinkage (especially in summer).

How lond do i have to wait for the water to get up to temperature?

This varies depending on the size of the hot tub, the air temperature and how good the firewood is that you use. Generally they take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours to heat up.

Do they make much noise?

Hot tubs are blissfully quiet. The only noise you will hear is the gentle crackling from the burning logs and perhaps the occasional light roar from the flame in the flue. Many people find these sounds relaxing and they add to the calming experience.

Will there be a lot of smoke?
To begin with there will be some smoke. Using dry wood is the best way to minimise the amount of smoke produced. When the wood gets up to temperature there will be less smoke. However the smell from the firewood is cosy and inviting and, again adds to the whole experience.
Can i burn any type of wood or other solid fuels on the fire?

Do not be tempted to burn anything other than wood, and it is really important you only ever use dry wood. This will give you the best results, is far more efficient and better for the environment. Never use other solid fuels or wood that is wet.

How much wood will it burn in a session?

To heat your tub and to retain the temperature while you bathe will use about two bags of dry wood. If you cover the tub after using it at night it will still be warm enough to use the following morning. This is possible because the water is well insulated by the wooden tub and wood-burners burn very efficiently.

Will the hot ub wood fade over time?

The appearance of the wood will change naturally with age. To preserve the colour of your tub use an oils such as Danish Oil or any other wood pretector on the exterior of your tub. Wooden lid can be treated from both sides.

What should i do with the ash?
You can dispose of your ashes safely in the bin once they are completely cold. Alternatively, ash can be used as compost on your garden. You can simply mix it into the soil or add it to your composting bin.
Will i need to clean out the boiler frequently?

There is no need to completely clean out the boiler. The wood will continue to burn perfectly well as long as there is room for air to circulate. Before cleaning always make sure the embers have completely gone out first, and invest in a long-handled shovel for safety.