health benefits of saunas are well known

health benefits of saunas are well known

The health benefits of saunas are well known. It helps release toxins from your body, lightens the skin and supports the joints, along with many other benefits. To make sure you get those fantastic effects, getting the best outdoor sauna is essential.

To allow you to get the best outdoor sauna, we have developed a buying guide to explain all the main features.



To install a sauna, you just have to take into account the dimensions and of course this will depend on the area in which you will work. There are other factors as well, such as the number of people who intend to use the sauna at any one time.


An outdoor sauna should be located on solid and level ground. For this reason, it is important to find a pre-existing area where you can build or instead you will have to create the foundation for the sauna yourself and this can be done simply with concrete.



The shape of the outdoor sauna will have an effect on where you can place it and also how effective it will be. This is where the barrel sauna can be a very interesting option as it has the ability to be raised from the ground with supports and therefore less foundation is required.


Furthermore, the circular shape is more efficient as it means that there is less internal space with the lack of corners and therefore faster to heat. However, due to the shape of these infrared saunas, the need to be more outdoors and therefore take up more space. If you want a more compact design, the other shapes will fit better.



There are different types of wood when it comes to the best outdoor sauna kits and one of the best options is cedar. This not only has the advantage of being a durable material, but it also gives off a delicious scent and can therefore increase the level of calm you feel when you are in a sauna.


Other woods such as hemlock and fir will also work well. It also does a great job of making sure the heat stays in the sauna and the weather doesn’t show. The materials are also easy construction materials and therefore can ensure that installation is as simple as possible.






There are a few different heating options when it comes to these types of saunas, and one of them is an infrared sauna that works by using radiant heat. This will produce less steam, but it can be very easy to control and also heats up your sauna very quickly.


There are also more traditional methods such as wood heating and electric stoves can also be used to heat the sauna stones as well. The newer methods are easier to control, but some people love the steam you can get from a traditional sauna.


Despite the high temperature in a home sauna, the adjoining rooms and bathroom require heating. The heating in adjoining rooms ensures comfort, allows you to relax, have tea, spend time with friends or change clothes in comfortable conditions when needed.


Then we must remember that the steam forms a condensation (even if it is dry steam from the sauna). Therefore it is necessary to heat a room: this will allow the room to dry and prevent the appearance of mold.


Finally, don’t forget about the bathroom. Maintaining minimum temperature is very important during the cold season when communications can be damaged due to freezing.


When choosing the heating system for a Turkish bath or sauna, these factors must be taken into consideration:


  • high level of humidity;


  • presence of some small rooms that need to be heated (bathroom, rest room, etc.);


Taking these details into account, you need to choose a steam room heater that will be moisture resistant, economical and safe and that will ensure full comfort in every room.

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