Hot tub with logs heater

Hot water bathing is common all over the world. Natural hot water springs are present in many, and they are considered a luxury item of every home. Unfortunately, everybody does not have such an opportunity to bathe in natural hot water springs; to have one’s hot water spring on the porch was the reason behind the invention of the hot tub with a log heater.

A hot tub with a logs heater is an opportunity to deal with elements of nature—the warmth of a fire and the sound of cracking logs. If you want the best traditional heating method, then wood fire is the best way. The heater (furnace) can be fitted inside or outside the tub. Wood burning stoves have fire chests with a door, an air intake and an ash box. The hot tub with a logs heater is round or oval, hand-made of high-class wood by connecting wood planks and tightening them with steel strips.

How does a hot tub with a logs heater work?

  1. When to take a bath and prepare your hot tub accordingly, generally, it takes 1-2 hours to heat the water in hot weather and 3-4 hours in the winter.
  2. Prepare the logs in advance:

It’s a good idea to organize the firewood for your hot tub in advance. Some finely chopped firewood, some larger logs.

  1. Fill in the water:

Meanwhile, organizing logs, you may put the water pipe in the tub and start filling it with water. Until the desired level, cover with the lid on the hot tub for quick results.

  1. Avoid:

You should avoid burning paper as its ashes are likely to get out through the wood-fired hot tub pipe into the water.

  1. Heat up with medium-sized firewood:

Start with burning some small chunks of the log as If you pile ample firewood at the start; it will take longer to heat the water in your hot tub.

  1. Maintain the heat:

Once the water heats up to the recommended level of 37-39°C, maintain the heat by placing some large logs in the heater.

  1. Keep checking the temperature:

If the water becomes too hot, remove the lid of your wood-fired hot tub kit. Once the temperature is right for you, take off the top and jump in.

  1. Cleaning :

Replace the water in the hot tub after use, don’t empty the tub before the fire has burnt out completely. If the stove is still hot, it can cause damage. Clean the ash from the furnace to ensure good air circulation. Ash and water are great for gardens, so mix them directly into your soil. Cover the tub with a lid when not in use to keep it clean.



Hot tub with log heater costs low prices; they are beautiful and stylish in look. It also widens your options for where to keep the hot tub. Hot tub with log heater is efficient, simple and eco-friendly. The precise amount of wood is used. It is the best option if burning wood is allowed in your area. As in some areas, there are restrictions on producing smoke. A hot tub with a log heater can be placed in the garden side. Sometimes hot tubs with log heaters fail in retaining heat for a long time compared to other heaters. Wood heaters relieve aching muscles and joints, increase circulation, keep stress free and sound sleep.

Bottom Line

Choosing the type of hot tub is one’s personal preference. Choosing a hot tub with a log heater will be best if you want natural, simple, durable, and traditional things. Somehow, they lack more options, but the important thing is to spend decades of peaceful therapy.