Hot tub

The Hot Tub has decorated some of the most beautiful homes, mansions, and resorts worldwide with elaborately crafted traditional wooden hot tubs. With various sizes, shapes, types of wood, and the jet’s location, the wooden hot tub is the best relaxing experience.

Hot tabs made of only the highest quality wood are available in almost infinite different shapes and sizes. A 1-3/4-thick wooden hot tub Uk is the most popular, and luxury among all the wooden hot tub.

How do I use a wooden hot tub?

The wooden hot tub can be used outdoors all year round and with warm or cold water. Many people use the hot tub and sauna at the same time and alternately.

It’s great to own both. Many people use the sauna and hot tub alternately by heating them at the same time.

The sauna is unnecessary, but it helps you reach the best relaxation stage and enjoy pure health. Children, in particular, enjoy themselves very much, regardless of the season.

The wooden hot tub can be used as a small pool to cool the body by soaking in cold water in the summer or as a hot bath in the winter. The warm water can be heated up to 38°C, allowing visitors to enjoy bathing in the garden during the winter. It’s wonderful.

What is the useful life of the hot tubs?

The wooden hot tub should be treated with flaxseed oil, wood supplement oil and wood grasses every year on the outside. Do not use wood cleaners inside. Inside, it is recommended to clean with a brush with supplements such as soap and soda supplements. It significantly increases the life of the hot tabs by 10 to 15 years.

Stable Ground

A stable, uniform and sustainable space are required to install a hot tub. The water level of the ground must be uniform. We recommend gravel, loose chipping, and Quartertone.

The ground is not suitable, as it is covered with hummus and grass. Depending on the situation in the area, it is convenient to have a stable base. Concrete foundations are not much needed. The air must circulate under the hot tub so that the moisture evaporates.

Working Outside the Hot Tab

Hot tubs should be treated on the outside with wood maintenance products (oil, wood grades, wax) once or twice a year. Paints and varnishes are not appropriate. The hot tub can be cleaned using a brush or a high-pressure cleaner. The inside of the hot tub should not be treated, as the wood must absorb water and swell, keeping the density of the hot tub.

Round Hot Tub

The round wooden hot tub is very beautiful in design. These are sketched to endure years of use, but no matter how good they are, they can sometimes cause problems. For the warranty of the hot tub, be sure to ask each dealer for a detailed explanation. It’s surprisingly wide. The longer the warranty period and the better the warranty, the better you know which manufacturer makes the best round hot tub.

A large round hot tub may approach 5,000 pounds when full. It is very important to know before purchasing, and you can choose where to place it on site (or in the house). Installation may also require special basic support, which is expensive.

Is larch better?

Larch wood is the hardest among coniferous trees. It is resilient and tough but easy to process, less warping and lasts longer in dry and wet places. It is the most durable wood among European coniferous trees. It also has great wood grain and colour.

Bottom Line

The traditional hot tub is made of wood. The old palaces and castles had such baths. However, the baths did not have a stove and heated water separately. The hot tub is equipped with a wood stove to heat hot water to the tub’s temperature.

The wooden hot tubs vary in size from 2 to 30 people, but the most popular one is the wooden hot tubs for six people.