How to choose a spa bath: the subtleties of choosing the right option

How to choose a spa bath: the subtleties of choosing the right option

What criteria to use when choosing a hot tub? What is important to consider when choosing, and what parameters and characteristics should not be paid attention to?

Choosing a whirlpool bath is a purely personal matter. For some, color, size, and shape are important, while for others, functionality is of paramount importance. However, there are basic parameters from which the choice of a whirlpool bath begins: the size of the room where it will be installed and the cost of this modern miracle.

What do you need to know before buying?

If you have decided to purchase a hot tub, you are most likely aware of the benefits that hydromassage brings. Even though whirlpool baths appeared somewhere in the 90s of the 20th century and during this time it was possible to make a unified super-technological model, manufacturers of bathtubs still periodically improve and improve them.

Therefore, every year new models come out with a more convenient way of control, more types of massage, higher power, the ability to draw up a personal massage program, and various additional bells and whistles and chips. Today the bathtub can be equipped with all the gadgets that exist and even be part of the “smart home” system.

Without interrupting your whirlpool session, you can answer a phone call or watch your favorite movie. What remains unchanged is what the whirlpool baths were created for – the therapeutic effect. The strength of the therapeutic effect depends on what types of massage your bath can offer.

When considering how to choose a hot tub, consider which of these criteria are more important to you personally than others:

  • appearance, shape, depth, color, and size of the bath;
  • the material from which the bathtub is made;
  • the functionality of the bath (types of massage, baths with additives);
  • additional functions (adjustment of legs, lighting, musical accompaniment);
  • equipment.

By purchasing a whirlpool bath, you can regularly receive the following types of massage:

  • whirlpool – massage with water jets enriched with air or underwater massage shower (6–8 nozzles work);
  • airpool – air massage with jets of air bubbles or the so-called bubble massage (10-50 nozzles are involved);
  •  turboprop is a combined option that combines both types of massage.

In more expensive models, it is possible to take baths with various additives (mud, algae, salt, honey, milk).

So, once you have decided on the features you want and the amount you are willing to spend, you can proceed to the next step – measure the room in which you plan to install your chosen whirlpool tub. The size and shape of the bathroom will depend on its size.

Additional features: is it worth overpaying?

If you need a hot tub not only for hydro massage but also for regular hygiene procedures, you should pay attention to additional features that will make your treatment even more enjoyable:

  • a device for using oils will be extremely necessary if you are a lover of aromatherapy;
  • special lighting will come in handy if you are a fan of chemotherapy;
  • technical equipment in the form of music or video design will be needed by music lovers and film lovers.

If you are used to comforting, a touch-sensitive bathtub with remote control will suit you. This way you can choose and even program massage sessions. If you like the ease of operation, and you think mechanical control is more reliable, then such a bath will cost you even less.

Choosing the shape and size of the whirlpool tub

Choosing a bath on the Internet, you can set the desired parameters: height, length, width. As a rule, a standard bath from a domestic manufacturer is 1500 or 1700 mm, and the width is 700-750 mm. For those who like to sit in the bathroom, there are seating options with an adjustable backrest angle.

The shape of the bath can be almost any: from the classic rectangular to the fancy asymmetric under the order. Rectangular baths are the best choice for small spaces. If the size of the room allows, you can buy a corner or round bath.

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