models such as the Finnish outdoor sauna

models such as the Finnish outdoor sauna

Discover the well-being and innovation of our models such as the Finnish outdoor sauna with infrared at an incredibly affordable price! With the home sauna you can enjoy the benefits of heat therapy whenever you want.

Our wood burning hot tubs, wooden hot tubs are of different sizes and dimensions, in quality wood that resists over time, you can choose from many models with 1, 2 or 3 seats, to be placed outside, for example in the garden, equipped with different functions including radio with SD slot included, USB socket, integrated audio speakers, 7-tone chromotherapy, door with magnetic closure and many other functions.


The carbon radiators are positioned on all the walls and on the floor for a combined experience of Finnish and infrared sauna, the sliding air intake is always integrated, we remind you that all our saunas are pre-assembled, simple to assemble and tested by the factory and all our items are approved and CE certified.


Finnish garden saunas are the best because they are equipped with infrared technology that offers numerous benefits for the body. However, you have to choose the right model, paying attention to some features. The heater is one of the most important elements, because it is on this that the benefits of the outdoor sauna and its performance depend. Carbon radiators are the best ever because they offer optimal heat distribution, take much less time to heat up and don’t overheat so you can lean back without the risk of burning yourself. In our outdoor saunas the radiators are positioned on all the walls, in the floor and in the calves: this allows you to get the experience of a combined Finnish and infrared sauna. Of course it is essential for outdoor saunas that their surface is properly treated, in order to withstand rain, snow and high temperatures. It is also very important that the sauna has an European CE certification, compliant with regulations and safe from all points of view.


Our Finnish garden saunas,round hot tub, outdoor hot tub, are equipped with all the most advanced features to allow you to live a truly unique experience, just like in a high-level wellness center, thanks to chromotherapy with 7 different shades you can relax deeply. Of course, the radio is not missing, with SD input and USB socket to listen to your favorite music and enjoy moments of complete relaxation and well-being. The double control panel, both internal and external, is also very useful to easily manage the parameters of the sauna.

On our portal you can find the best online offers on Finnish outdoor saunas, we only sell top quality products, made with the highest quality materials such as Canadian cedar wood which is the best material. Such competitive offers are due to the fact that we deal directly with the manufacturer and therefore we can eliminate all the costs of intermediaries. Our outdoor saunas have really advantageous prices for this reason and the quality is always very high. In our catalog you can also find a wide selection of indoor infrared saunas, of various shapes and types.

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