outdoor hot tub or your home sauna.

outdoor hot tub or your home sauna.

The decisive factors for choosing an outdoor hot tub or your home sauna.

When the warm season arrives, the desire to be outdoors to enjoy the heat and the sun takes over, but often collides with intolerable or almost intolerable temperatures and humidity levels. To relieve the heat and not give up being outdoors, you can think, having space available in the courtyard or in the garden, to install an above ground swimming pool or an outdoor hot tub. ideal for families with children (together with the timeless inflatable pools), who can use the pool to play, the latter is certainly more interesting for couples and for those who just want to enjoy moments of pure relaxation. In this purchase guide dedicated to the outdoor hot tub, we will discover all the useful things to know before purchasing.



The wood burning hot tubs, wooden hot tubs, also called many times outdoor whirlpool mini-pools, round hot tub, outdoor hot tubs, are divided into two main types. On the one hand we have in fact the fixed tanks, which once installed remain on a permanent basis in the garden or courtyard and can at most be moved elsewhere; on the other hand we have the inflatable pools, which we can also collect once the warm season has passed. Let’s see the differences between these two types.


Fixed tanks

The fixed tanks are made of rigid materials, mostly fiberglass, ABS or PMMA: these are light but resistant plastic materials, which are molded in order to obtain a very detailed shape of the tank. The bottom of the tub is in fact made up of a single piece, equipped with both the holes for the whirlpool nozzles, and the seats necessary to accommodate the occupants. The external cladding can be made of various materials, all resistant to bad weather: laminated wood and ABS plastic are the most common for fixed outdoor hot tubs.

Shape and size

Most of the fixed pools are quadrangular in shape, only in a few cases do we find circular mini-pools.


The round tubs, on the other hand, can have a diameter ranging from 180 to 225 cm and can accommodate 4 to 7 people. The rigid structure allows, as is evident, to reach larger dimensions and accommodate a greater number of guests.


Inflatable pools

The inflatable tubs are made entirely of PVC, a thin and flexible, but resistant plastic, structured in air chambers such as to compose not only the tub, but sometimes also the seats inside. They are obviously more fragile than fixed tanks, subject to possible breakage, but on the other hand they are also much easier to place even without anyone’s help. Unlike fixed tubs, we can empty, deflate and withdraw them, thus freeing up space in the courtyard or garden. Inflatable outdoor hydromassage tub.


Clearly, the peculiar feature of a whirlpool tub is its massaging capacity. The hydromassage can be very relaxing on tense muscles and on tired ones after training, but not all tubs massage in the same way. It is always advisable to take note of the number of jets with which the tub is equipped, their type (a tub can have water jets only or also combine air jets) and their distribution with respect to our seated body.


The number of jets

The number of jets present in an outdoor hot tub varies not only according to the number of seats it is equipped with, but also according to the type of tub (it is completely normal for an inflatable tub to have more jets than a fixed one, for greater simplicity in implementation) and, ultimately, the quality of the model.


Also, to complete your home spa, you can choose an outdoor sauna or a garden sauna.

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