outdoor hot tube saunas is made of solid wood

outdoor hot tube saunas is made of solid wood

When it comes to home saunas, one cannot help but think of the beneficial properties released by steam and high temperatures. In most cases, the sauna is a luxury that can be found in the most luxurious health clubs, specialty spas, resorts and hotels. For some years now, however, outdoor saunas have also become accessible to most buyers. All you need is an equipped garden, or enough space to install a practical sauna to be used without restrictions at any time of the day.

The effect of the sauna was originally recreated through a jet of water on incandescent stones, to increase the beneficial action of the steam produced. The stones were heated over the fire, in most cases with wood, also collecting the smoke before it left the room.

In the Finnish tradition, the sauna is a place to relax from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. Unlike today’s vision of luxury associated with the sauna, in ancient times to the Finns it represented a real need of the spirit, mind and body. Today it is possible to find several equipped wellness centers where the same Finnish atmosphere is recreated through burning stones, water and smoke. However, outdoor saunas are divided into different types that should be evaluated when purchasing an important structure like this.

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Construction materials may vary depending on the manufacturer’s brand, but in the vast majority of cases, outdoor saunas are made of wood to suit the context of your living space. In addition to the types of outdoor saunas, it is essential to focus on the size, construction materials, heating, electricity consumption and so on.


This type of outdoor hot tube saunas is made of solid wood, often Nordic spruce, perfectly adaptable to outdoor environments and the garden.It is sold with a DIY kit for easy assembly on site thanks to the instruction manual included in the package. Each piece includes an interlocking system, grooves and double flaps, with a simple but refined design for any style of furniture.


Outdoor infrared saunas come with ceramic radiators, but mostly include a wood paneling. This type of sauna has been studied in detail to resist long-term temperatures and external climatic conditions.


Outdoor saunas can also be divided into the barrel type, they have less space than the classic cabins described above. In this case, the building materials may include wood-coated high-strength plastic inserts. Outdoor barrel saunas must be covered or positioned sheltered from the elements to safeguard the resistance of the materials.


Garden saunas wood burning hot tubs, wooden hot tubs, are often made of solid wood, but also of resistant plastic with wood inserts and coatings, depending on the size and different types. Smaller saunas and round hot tub, usually single like barrels (larger only if made to measure), tend to have lower quality materials than traditional two-seater cabins. The quality of the wood affects the overall cost of the sauna, as does the basic or more sophisticated design, including the actual dimensions of the structure.


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