outdoor saunas

How to choose Outdoor sauna ?


An outdoor sauna is a small room made for relaxation with wet or dry heat therapy. Outdoor saunas often work the same way as indoor saunas. An outdoor sauna is best for relaxation and enjoying the environment.

The outdoor sauna UK and the indoor sauna use a heat source, sauna stone, wood stoves and water to generate steam. Infrared saunas that generate dry heat are also installed outdoors, but they are generally used indoors.

Origin of Outdoor Sauna

The first sauna was not a building like the current sauna but an artificial cave covered with animal skin. Here are some of the first saunas used outdoors.

  • The prolonged heat and the sterilisation effect of the smoke also seem to have been helpful for daily life and survival.
  • In the past, saunas were often used for multiple purposes and were also used as hospitals to give birth, and during the coldest winters, the house served as the only warm space.

Traditional outdoor sauna


Traditional saunas are made in the same way as ancient saunas. It is also called a wet sauna or steam sauna. This type of sauna does the following:


  • Place the sauna stone on the sauna heater and warm it up.
  • Water is poured over it to generate steam.
  • The vapour that circulates, the temperature of the room rises, and the sweat seeps in.
  • It is heated quickly.
  • Easy to adjust the temperature

Sauna Size

The backyard sauna is not simply “OK if this is there”. We offer different sizes for energy efficiency and space efficiency. This section provides details on each dimension.

A traditional sauna for one person is the smallest size. It is perfect for relaxing alone. It is recommended for those who want to relax alone.

A traditional sauna for two people is recommended for those who are accompanied. If you are a spouse, close friend, lover, etc., you can spend comfortably.

Type of wood used

There are two sorts of wood utilised for saunas: coniferous and hardwood. Here, we will introduce the differences and the best use for each.

Coniferous trees

  • Low cost
  • suited for making saunas and benches
  • Ideal for heating wood stoves

Broadleaf tree

  • More expensive options
  • Slow-burning
  • Suitable for long-lasting flame

Is an outdoor sauna better than an indoor sauna?

Outdoor sauna has the following health benefits.

  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Reduces lung inflammation
  • It helps prevent colds and flu
  • Detox of harmful substances in the body
  • Beneficial for weight loss and management
  • It prevents skin roughness such as acne and blemishes.

Sauna and Maintenance

Outdoor Saunas UK are made to last for decades by skilled artisans. The oldest existing sauna in the world was built in the 20th century and still works. As you can see from this, if you take proper care of the sauna, you will be able to use it for the rest of your life.

Here are some tips on cleaning and maintaining your sauna for a long time.

Sauna cleaning

  • Clean up regularly and clean up every month. Always turn off the sauna when cleaning to avoid any physical or harmful chemicals.
  • Use products that do not contain chemical substances and clean with only lukewarm water. The combination of water and sodium bicarbonate is also effective.
  • Use fine-grained sandpaper for stubborn dirt and scratches.

Bottom Line

As you start to use and enjoy your backyard sauna, you will realise that your investment is quiet and practical. Both indoor and outdoor saunas have energy benefits, which deliver your body feel younger after each relaxing session. Since the outdoor sauna is compact and comes in various shapes, you won’t have a hard time finding a choice that suits your needs. They also offer easy ventilation and indoor storage.