Professional Hot Tub Relaxation with Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Professional Hot Tub Relaxation with Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Professional Hot Tub Relaxation with Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Are you looking to purchase a hot tub but don’t want to deal with the hassle of electrical cords or gas lines? If so, then you should consider investing in a wood-burning hot tub. Wood-burning hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular, and there is good reason for this: they’re excellent at retaining heat and creating an authentic feeling of “camping.” For more information on how these heated pools can improve your life, read this article!

What is a wood-burning hot tub?

A wood-burning hot tub is essentially a hot tub that heats up using fire. Hot tubs are generally powered by electricity, but when it comes down to it, they all use the same basic principle: they heat the water to keep things comfortable.

What are the benefits of a wood-burning hot tub?

There are many benefits to wood-burning hot tubs, particularly about the environment.

  • They emit no pollution or carbon monoxide in the same way that gas-powered models do.
  • Unlike electric and gas models, they use fire to heat the water, where electricity or gas is used to power fuel pumps. This means that there is no need for any chemicals or additives when using a wood-burning hot tub.
  • The water remains cleaner longer than electric or gas-based models, resulting in reduced maintenance costs for the customer.
  • Another excellent benefit of wood-burning hot tubs is that they can be used almost anywhere.
  • They’re perfect for those who wish to avoid the hassle of dealing with electrical and gas models and will not require any special permits. This makes them excellent for people looking to use their hot tubs in locations where they are not allowed to use gas or electricity.

Are there any drawbacks to wood-burning hot tubs?

While wood-burning hot tubs are very beneficial overall, there are some drawbacks associated with these models.

  • Firstly, they require the user to buy firewood, and this may be a drawback for some people who don’t have access to this commodity regularly.
  • Secondly, they need the user to make sure that the wood is dry before heating their hot tub water.
  • Thirdly, some models do not have as many jets as other similar models, which may hinder your enjoyment of your soak. However, this is not an issue for all models.

How do I start to use a wood-burning hot tub?

Most wood-burning hot tubs require some basic assembly, with the most challenging component being installing the firebox.

  1. Assembling a firebox involves cutting out a hole in your own home from which to start and from there placing the relevant parts.
  2. Depending on the model you have purchased, this will vary slightly, but you will generally need a stove or fireplace that can be lit at a low temperature, a container with which you can place fuel to light it.
  3. Most models will come with a manual which you can use to assemble the wood-burning hot tub.

When it comes down to using your hot tub, simply light a fire within your hot tub stove and ensure that the logs are dry. Most wood-burning hot tubs have a timer to set when you wish to have your hot tub heated up. Simply put this for between 20 minutes and an hour before stepping into the water. The water should be warm when you get in, but it is recommended that you let it heat up for another 20 minutes or so. This is because some wood-burning hot tubs take a bit longer to heat up correctly.


In conclusion, wood-burning hot tubs are a great way to have a relaxing soak in a beautiful hot tub. They can offer you all the benefits of a spa but in a manner that makes the water look and feels authentic.

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