Relaxing In a Decadent Wood Fired Hot Tub

Relaxing In a Decadent Wood Fired Hot Tub

Relaxing In a Decadent Wood Fired Hot Tub

A hot tub is one of those unforgettable experiences that people tend to forget about the moment they’ve exited its comforting embrace. It’s not until you’re reminded of the memories of your hot tub experiences by a friend or an ad on social media that you realize how significant these moments can be. Whether it’s lounging alone in your pool at peace, soaking up some time with friends, or soaking away stress before bed – there are so many benefits to owning one!

How to find the perfect hot tub?

Finding the right hot tub for you involves a little bit of research. We recommend visiting the spa of your dreams to get an idea of what your dream lounging experience looks like! But ultimately, it’s essential to be proactive in purchasing your own and make sure that you’re getting something that you’ll love.

What should you look for when purchasing a wood-fired hot tub?

  • Size: Hot tubs come in different sizes depending on if you’re looking to fit one in your backyard or if you’re ready to purchase a portable hot tub for an outdoor party. Be sure to make sure that the size of your hot tub fits within your backyard or party space. Hiring a professional can help determine exactly how big and spacious the area will be before you make the purchase. So consider having them measure and plan out where you’ll drop anchor.
  • Can be used year-round: A hot tub is an excellent investment for the winter months. With the water at a comfortable temperature, you can enjoy lounging in it while it snows! A hot tub is super convenient for keeping you warm during cold weather.
  • Easy to fill and clean: As convenient as a hot tub can be, one of the most challenging aspects about owning one is getting it set up and keeping it filled. We recommend choosing a hot tub that has an easy-to-fill mechanism. You should also choose one that’s easy to clean! If you’re going to use your hot tub often, make sure to find a product that won’t lead you to spend hours cleaning up after itself.
  • Heat and bubbles: Most people tend to think of a hot tub as a place to relax, but there are benefits to soaking in a hot tub that go beyond the physical. Having a wood-fired hot tub helps with a range of physical ailments, including arthritis and muscle pain. Pairing your hot tub with an infrared sauna can be even more beneficial when you’re trying to ease away aches and pains!
  • Winter Maintenance: While your hardwood floors melt this time of year, your bathtub doesn’t! So when you’re trying to keep up with the heating bill in the winter months, investing in an electric hot tub is not recommended. Since wood-fired hot tubs don’t use any of the power that an electric one would, choosing to invest in one will save you money throughout the year!

What makes a great wood-fired hot tub?

There are tons of products to choose from when it comes to wood-fired hot tubs, but we recommend choosing one that has a little bit of everything. If you’re looking for a space-friendly option, look for something that has an infra-red sauna built-in with it. It’s like getting your very own spa, all packaged up in one hot tub! While you’ll most likely want to save some money on your purchase by checking out the affordable versions of the hot tub, think about what kind of experience you’re hoping to have. We recommend choosing a wood-fired hot tub that has a heating system built-in, as well as a filter and an easy-to-fill pump!


Soaking in a hot tub is all about relaxation, right? Sometimes it’s not the indulgence you’re looking for, but rather, the relaxation of another after a long week! With so many great options to choose from, there’s no reason that you should be lacking in the comfort department. Whether you’re looking for something that will install easily by your front door or something that will fit your small backyard perfectly – we know you’ll find one that works for your relaxation needs. If you’re ready to start dipping into those bubbles and relaxing away your stress – go ahead!


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