Barrel sauna




  • Sauna barrel made of pine, wall thickness 45mm.
  • The benches are made from aspen or black alder.
  • Heat-resistant stove / stove slabs. Internal door in tempered tinted glass (in saunas with changing rooms).
  • Includes a 0.6m terrace, starting with a 2.4m barrel.
  • The roof is covered with Icopal bitumen shingles in any color to choose from (available in black, red, green, or gray).
  • There is a choice of wooden tiles. Pinned pine door with tempered glass unit, wooden handle, and lock. 2 tempered tinted windows with double glazing at the front or rear of the barrel.
  • Please note: the sauna is delivered fully assembled on a full-size articulated truck.
  • If a fully assembled sauna is ordered, you will need to arrange for lifting devices at your end at the time of delivery.
  • Crane services usually cost £ 100-350. A telescopic handler/tractor will also be required to unload the sauna from the truck.

High-Quality Barrel Sauna

As the name suggests, the outdoor barrel sauna is shaped like a barrel laid on its side. This type of sauna is cylindrical and is combined with a long stave (chamfered or notched at the end of the wood) to surround the curved front and rear walls.

After assembly, the strap is firmly wrapped to secure the stave and keep it tight and stable. The barrel-shaped sauna has a classic cylindrical shape with straight sides and a “barrel-shaped” shape with slightly bulging sides in the centre, just like a traditional wooden barrel.

Most of the barrel-shaped saunas require DIY assembly. You’ll find comprehensive kits that can order everything in one click – structures, stoves, lava stones, windows and doors, even water buckets and ladles, wooden footrests and headrests, clothing hooks and other accessories.


Selection of Installation Location

Measure the dimensions of the location where the outdoor barrel sauna will be installed. Is there a suitable outlet around? Although the space and electricity usage of outdoor saunas are much smaller than those of steam chambers. There are many ideas to analyse, such as ease of access, the impact on existing facilities, and the view from the room.

Size of outdoor Barrel Sauna

Are you the only one in the sauna, or are there others? In the case of an infrared sauna, one person can enter at a time. It may be nice to enjoy it alone, but there are restrictions on using it in your family or community. If you have a sauna, after a good sweat, it will be a gorgeous party. There is also an outdoor sauna that can easily accommodate 8, 10 and 12 people. Unfortunately, the sauna for parties may not be in the corner of the garden.

You may desire to execute it as large as possible, but the sauna, which uses all the outdoor space, will significantly narrow down the options for future expansion.

It is a wise strategy to choose a massive sauna with plenty of space. A multi-person outdoor barrel sauna can be built in any garden size, and a 5 x 7-foot structure can easily accommodate 3-4 bathers. All we have to do is narrow down the customer base.

Heating Equipment for an outdoor barrel sauna

The traditional outdoor barrel sauna with wood stoves and stones is still popular, and many people don’t want to give up the rustic sauna experience. However, firewood stoves are just one of the saunas’ heating methods, and more modern technologies are being used these days.

The main options other than the wood stove are as follows:

Electric: This is one of the cheaper solutions, similar to a rugged space heater. Safety measures may be necessary because of the presence of electricity and water.

Gas: This is a cost-effective alternative to the method used in household heating appliances for natural gas. Fluctuations in gas prices will affect costs in the long run.

IR: An entirely new approach to the sauna, IR does not heat the air but directly heats the body in the room. It is a more expensive option.

Combination of the ceramic heater and carbon heater

Ceramic heaters are the oldest infrared sauna heaters. The calorific value is higher than a carbon heater, but it takes time to reach the desired temperature. In addition, the room temperature cannot be kept constant, and hot and cold zones are easy to form.

Carbon heaters are light and thin, have a uniform surface temperature, are highly safe, and have 50 years. The most significant feature of the carbon heater is that it keeps the temperature in the outdoor barrel sauna uniform.

The wood used for Barrel Sauna

Outdoor barrel saunas use different types of wood. Among them, high-grade wood such as spruce and cedar should be given priority over plywood. Spruce and cedar are very resistant to cracking and shrinkage.


Bottom Line:

Barrel Sauna is an excellent investment to adjust the internal systems and functions of the body, both physically and mentally. However, the person who owns the sauna from now on must think about where to place it. To do this, we first need to think about whether to install it indoors or outdoors. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Whether the sauna is installed indoors or outdoors is ultimately summarised as follows.