Integrated wood fired Hot Tub


A hydromassage tub made of fiberglass is an interesting ergonomic product, presenting to the buyer the best price and quality. It is made of

solid glass plastic and curved benches. This function saves up to 500 liters of water, speeds up the process of water heating, and makes the surface of the bath soft, smooth, and pleasant to the touch. A hydromassage bath made of fiberglass is easy to maintain. It can be washed with normal water or with chemicals – this does not affect its surface. Moreover, such a bath is durable and does not require additional costs. Therefore, if you are looking for a hydromassage bath that gives you a feeling of softness and warmth, this may be the ideal choice for you.


Advantages of fiberglass:

  • Easy to clean and care for;
  • Possible complete installation of the SPA system (air bubble/water massage system);
  • LED lighting systems;
  • Less water capacity compared to plastic or wooden models. Capacity: 1400-1600 L;
  • Very comfortable tapered walls and benches fitted to the body;
  • Very compact with built-in wood-burning heater;
  • The three most popular possible colors (white, blue, dark gray);
  • Long service life;
  • Casting technology – without welded seams;
  • No leakage;
  • Much lighter compared to wooden hot tubs. Weight: 160-180 kg. Run by several men;
  • The position of the heaters is integrated


The ingredients in the bath to get started:

Wooden steps

Internal / external stainless steel heater with protective plate and chimney elements

Standard drain


Stainless steel grades:


  • Grade 304. Stainless steel. An option that is resistant to various solutions, but wood processing should be avoided.
  • Grade 316. This stainless steel is anticorrosive and chlorine-free.

Grade 430. Chemicals are restricted for this type of stainless steel. If you are going to use chemicals for water treatment, it is recommended to choose type 316.


  • External – 200cm
  • Internal – 180cm
  • Overall height – 100cm

Weight – 250kg

Please note that the hot tub is delivered laid on the side on the pallet. The hot tub dimensions are 110cm width x 205cm length x 220cm heigth. Please check available acces to the final destination as we don’t have any lifting equipment to lift the hot tub over fences, building or something like that. Also, if the hot tub needs caring over steps, then the customer must have enough man power on the delivery day.

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