The best home saunas

The best home saunas

The best home saunas


If you have been satisfied with the feeling of well-being that this practice can give to our body, then you can try to choose the model that suits your needs among the best home saunas.


In this way, you can also enjoy the benefits of this ancient tradition at home. The important thing is that you have the right space to place your sauna. However, among the various models of Finnish saunas there are compact solutions, ideal for recreating your own spa corner directly at home.



Are you ready to learn about the best home saunas and all the information you need to build your home wellness center?





Finnish saunas, a little history


The sauna has an interesting history starting with the first human settlements. In fact, if saunas as we know them today in 12th century Finland, the use of heat baths is a very old custom.


Many cultures, in fact, use bowls with boiling stones to give off heat not only to heat the environment, but also to purify the premises, to relax and feel better.


Since then, these rather rudimentary forms have evolved, reaching the Roman baths or the Turkish bath typical of Middle Eastern countries.


Finnish saunas originate from colder territories, such as those of Russia, from where it seems that the Finns have learned this practice. It was originally a simple hole in the ground where fire was lit to heat the hut that was being built around it. These were rudimentary forms also used as homes during the colder months.


The snow was poured on the boiling stones to generate steam which not only made the environment hot, but also sterile.



In fact, Finnish saunas conquered the world when Finnish athletes were noted for their extraordinary physical performance at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The success of the Nordic athletes was linked precisely to the Finnish saunas, small wooden outdoor sauna, that were located in the Olympic village.


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Not only in spas and wellness centers, Finnish saunas have now become a must in every home where it is possible to use a space for relaxation and body care. The sauna offers numerous benefits, both to the body and to the mind, but to get the best you need it constantly, that’s why buying one of the best Finnish saunas to put at home and not just booking a sporadic session at the Spa.


Indeed, following the example of Finnish athletes, sports doctors include it in training plans precisely because they consider the sauna to be very useful for improving performance.



Here are some of the benefits of the sauna:


✅improves the thermoregulation system of our body, in this way any thermal changes will be better managed,


increases the functionality of the cardiovascular system;


✅ the sauna stimulates the production of energizing endorphins, natural substances that produce psycho-physical well-being;


✅ improves the immune system;


✅ favors the cleansing and purification of the skin by dilating the pores;


✅ stimulating sweating it helps eliminate toxins accumulate ;


✅gives a pleasant feeling of well-being to the whole organism.


How to choose the best home saunas

If the idea of having a sauna at home appeals to you more and more, then here is the information you need to choose the sauna that suits your needs.

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