The best saunas to have at home

The best saunas to have at home

The best saunas to have at home


The sauna is one of the best ways to purify body and mind and in recent times, after having seen them especially in gyms and beauty centers, there are many people who have considered the option of having it in private homes. There are those who rely on traditional ones or infrared ones, there are those who prefer to have it at home and those in the garden: multiple options for a treatment that has spread all over the world from Northern Europe.

The term sauna comes from a Finnish lemma which means “bathroom” and is one of the best methods to purify body and mind. The sauna was born in Finland and there are no certainties about the etymology which, probably, could originally be linked to the meaning of “winter home”. The sauna is a treatment originating from the Nordic people that takes place in a wooden cabin where heat is created, dry or humid depending on the case, which leads to sweating and the consequent elimination of fats and toxins. Exposure to such heat stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and strengthens the skin. Today saunas are widespread all over the world both in gyms and beauty centers and for some years there are those who have started to consider the option of having saunas in private homes.

The sauna works thanks to the progressive heating of stones placed on the heat source to make the air dry and you have to humidify it (a level of 10-20%) by throwing water on the stones. Essential oils can also be added to the water to create a more relaxing atmosphere and fully enjoy the principles of aromatherapy. In addition to this type of bathroom there is also the infrared one, where the wooden cabin is replaced by an infrared cabin, the temperatures are much lower (50-55 °) and the beneficial effects are achieved thanks to the increase in body temperature induced by the rays themselves.


The best saunas to have at home

When choosing the sauna to buy, it is important to take into consideration the materials, the structure of the cabin and the space available.


Sined Zen 2


The Sined Zen 2 steam sauna develops a temperature from 60 to 90 degrees C and is equipped with a high quality 3500W Harvia electric heater complete with 20 kg of lava stones for a rapid rise in temperature. It is a Finnish sauna with a classic design and is complete with all the necessary accessories: bucket, wooden ladle, thermometer / hygrometer and hourglass. It is designed for 2 seats, rectangular in shape: the measures are 120 in length, 110 in depth and 190 in height. 8 mm safety glass. Weight: 126kg.



Traditional 2-seater rectangular sauna model Zen 2 Sined




The Könighaus infrared sauna is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features a total of 5 energy-saving spotlights (four side-mounted ceramic and one knee-high carbon). The cabin can go from 25 ° C to 60 ° C in 25 minutes thanks to a power of 1700 Watt. The choice of Hemlock wood allows almost unbeatable thermal insulation. Measurements: 1.5m long, 1.5m wide and 1.8m high.



Könighaus – Infrared “Java” ceramic sauna for 2 people, exterior in Hemlock wood, a real well-being for your home


Zen Brighton


The Zen Brighton infrared sauna is made of Canadian Hemlock wood, a strong and durable material, and is characterized by a compact style with an elegant design with careful finishing. 3-panel heating of 5.6-15 micron carbon fiber to achieve deep detoxification through greater penetration. Ideal for indoor use or for outdoor use. Dimensions: 90cm long by 65cm wide and 185cm high. Weight: 75 kg.



Zen Brighton Infrared Sauna – Modular Infrared Cabin, Individual, Canadian Hemlock Wood (Natural)


Medea Piscine Italy


The Finnish sauna by Piscine Italiane is made of Canadian Hemlock wood with EZ Lock System glass doors. Integrated stove control. Wooden bench composed of two parts: seat (137 × 48 cm) and front part (137 × 40 cm). Dimensions: 135 in length, 135 in width and 200 cm in height. Accessories: thermohygrometer.


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