The Genius In Our Midst: Wood Burning Hot Tubs

The Genius In Our Midst: Wood Burning Hot Tubs

The Genius In Our Midst: Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Invented over a century ago, wood-burning hot tubs have become a popular way to take care of the body by healing and relaxing the mind. It seems that we cannot slow down enough for any absolute deep relaxation from the latest quick-fix miracle drug in our hectic lives. The wood-burning hot tub helps us restore balance in our busy lives by providing a tranquil setting where we can soak away our cares and daily stresses. In this article, I will give you, the reader, a brief history of the wood-burning hot tub and some of the benefits of taking advantage of these soothing baths.

History Of Wood Burning Hot Tubs in Great Britain

Englishman John Henniker Heaton invented Wood-burning hot tubs in 1878. The first patent for this invention was granted on March 26, 1878, to the wood-burning hot tub’s inventor, John Henniker Heaton. Mr. Heaton’s patent for his invention specifically mentions that it should be used in the outdoors and outdoors only.


After Mr. Heaton’s death and his passing on his son and daughter (John and Grace) up until their deaths, the line of Mr. Heaton’s descendants continued to refine the invention of the wood-burning hot tub, which is now known around the world. To this day, over 100 years later, the wood-burning hot tub has continued to develop, with even hundreds of new patents being granted for improvements on Mr. Heaton’s original patent for his wood-burning hot tub.


Benefits of Wood Burning Hot Tubs in Great Britain

The advantages of a wood-burning hot tub go beyond just relaxing and getting away from our busy stresses. As one can see by the history of the original inventor of this device, the beneficial effects of a wood-burning hot tub extend far beyond just relieving stress and pain.


  1. Wood-burning hot tubs provide a place for one to sweat out toxins through water exchange with air. The toxins are transferred from our bodies into our water supply. That’s why you feel so refreshed after being in a hot tub for an extended period!
  2. The soothing sounds of gentle bubbling water help relax your mind and body due to their relaxing sounds, which are said to be preferable to music when soaking in a hot tub.
  3. The temperature of your hot tub can be set to match your body temperature and comfort level. The water temperature of a wood-burning hot tub is constantly heated by natural firewood steam, so you can always be assured that the water of your relaxing bath will always be at the perfect temperature.


Wood Burning Hot Tubs in Modern Day Great Britain

The wood-burning hot tub is still used today for great benefits such as relaxation, detoxification, and healing. The days of sitting in a downpipe or Jacuzzi in the late 1800s have evolved into modern-day ways to rejuvenate and relax in a soothing hot tub by heating a large amount of water near a fire under a cover put on top of it. Modern-day wood-burning hot tubs resemble the earlywood-burning hot tubs in that they are only to be used in their natural outdoor settings.


A wood-burning hot tub can provide most of the health and wellness benefits we desire by the simple act of soaking in a soothing warm bath. This burning and relaxing bath is ideally used for relaxation and healing. The water supports healing and detoxification by providing an endless supply of oxygenated water to your body through your skin pores, allowing toxins released through your body to be flushed out by pouring it back into the ground.


The wood-burning hot tub is a fantastic invention that has improved the health of many people around the world. It was used for treatments such as cancer and tuberculosis, and the benefits it had on the body were incredible. The calming effects of a wood-burning hot tub can be felt by many people and are very relaxing and soothing to one’s nerves. A wood-burning hot bath is great for relieving stress and tension and is, in my opinion, the best way to relax without any side effects.


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