Top whirlpool pools from abroad

Top whirlpool pools from abroad

Top whirlpool pools from abroad.


1) Intex 28426 Pure Spa Bubble Therapy

The Intex brand is among the best ever in terms of outdoor whirlpool pools, offering quality products at good prices, not the cheapest but one of the most reliable.

The Pure Spa Bubble Therapy hydromassage pool, with round dimensions 196 x 71 cm, maximum admissible capacity of 795 liters of water and designed to accommodate no more than 4 people. In addition, the purchase kit includes the pump for water heating, the cover and a special bag for storage.


The brown “wet sand” color coupled with the “dry sand” color inside, create an elegant contrast: the surfaces are in thermoplastic material coated with a soft and elegant surface.


The control unit allows the management of various functions, but lacks the purifier.


Particular attention must be requested during assembly because it is easy to make a mistake in the electrical connection, which must take place on a clean and blunt-free surface.






Cover included




Assembly is not immediate and requires particular expertise

The purifier is missing.


2) Intex 28458 Pure Spa Jet & Bubble Deluxe

This model is the development of the previous one, adding functions and accessories.


The shape changes slightly and the round leaves room for straighter sides with beveled corners and in fact increases the dimensions slightly, passing to 201 cm (always 4 seats).


For total relaxation, two removable headrests are also included.


The dark brown color on the outside makes it appear that the structure is made of wood due to the similarity of the color, always in contrast with the light color of the interior.


The pvc edge is very pleasant and soft to the touch and identical to the previous model.


Convenient and practical control panel.


However, a real purification system is missing, while filtering is present.






Durable construction




Lack of purifier

Minimum equipment


3) Supply24 Venice Jacuzzi

Beautiful swimming pool with hydromassage a rigid structure in imitation wood (synthetic material) with 2 cm of internal thermal insulation.


The square of 2 meters per side and the height of the walls up to 93 cm contain 1,300 liters of water, which can be heated up to 40 ° C. We are in the high range of the market.


One of the real pluses of the Venezia swimming pool is the ozone disinfection mechanism, as well as the presence of 44 massage jets.


The management of the various functions takes place thanks to a simple and intuitive computerized control.


The pumps present have a safety level, an interesting and effective element.


The filtration system is also of a good standard, consisting of a cartridge filter that works effectively to retain impurities and bacteria.


There are 6 places available for total relaxation, even if movements are limited.




Quality of materials


thermal insulation of the walls: 2 cm., controlled water temperature heating.

Ozone disinfection (rare in this price range !!!), 44 powerful massage jets, ..




A bit tight for 6 people


4) Bestway 54123 Miami AirJet

An inexpensive swimming pool equipped with a whirlpool that is located on the border with the medium level.


Inflatable, the hot tub is covered with a 3-layer pvc with polyester reinforcement is able to accommodate 4 people and provides as many as 80 massage jets with the possibility of having water up to 40 ° C.


Furthermore, a small touch display shows all the control parameters of the functions it uses, allowing it to be managed and set.

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