Why wood fired stoves

That heating stoves on the wood are today the best alternative to central heat supply, especially in country houses and cottages, is known to all. But not everyone knows that modern water-heating wood stoves are no longer traditional stoves with low efficiency and high fuel consumption.

The place of fireplaces and bourgeois has long been occupied by long-term combustion furnaces, which operate on the principle of gas generation. That is, there is a prolonged burning of firewood with limited air access. To ensure that the fuel in the furnace burns out completely, heating appliances are equipped with channels that supply air to the upper tiers for the complete combustion of unburned particles.wood fired stoves

Buying a wood stove for a house is better than burning for a long time, it will reduce fuel consumption, save time for heating appliance maintenance and reduce heating costs. A long-term wood-burning stove will be a solution to the cost savings of heating.

Efficient wood stoves are not uncommon today. Bourgeoisies of manufacture, many imported models, cookstoves, and ovens with cooking surfaces are present on the market today. The price of a product depends on many factors, such as the material of the furnace, the presence of a glass door, a stove, and the power for which each stove is designed.

The main advantages of modern solid-fuel heating appliances are the operating time at a single stop. Depending on the specific modification, this figure ranges from 2 to 8 hours of continuous operation.







Red Oak






Douglas Fir












* These BTU values are based on dry wood and do not include

The efficiency of the wood-fired furnace can vary from 40% to 70%.

How to reduce the amount of smoke from the tree?

Heating and cooking furnaces for houses and cottages made of metal are melted with wood. The oven of bourgeois made of iron is drowned with wood, coal, and briquettes.

The fuel must be of good quality. The higher the calorie value of coal, wood, the longer the bourgeois cycle.

Balticspa sells long-lasting combustion stoves, which must be operated in long-acting, slow smoldering. This is when high efficiency and long-term use are ensured. It is prohibited to overheat long-term combustion units. The wood shall be dried to a moisture content not exceeding 20%.

As smoke passes through the chimney, the temperature of the chimney decreases naturally because of the heat return to the chimney walls. That is why a massive brick smokehouse causes the heating gases to lose their heat. It takes a lot of energy to warm up the brickwork.

The modern bourgeois furnace has a low smoke input temperature, then the energy of smoke may not be sufficient to fully warm the brick channel at all altitudes. A reduction in the temperature of the smoke is bound to result in a reduction in thrust, and in smoke in the room – reverse thrust.

This is why heating equipment manufacturers are strongly recommending the use of a modern metal chimney. It is better to buy a stainless steel pipe or galvanized steel pipe. These materials are quickly warmed up.

Elements of a modular chimney, such as a stainless chimney, are tightly connected using a specially provided clearance – a seat. The pipes are stacked together. There are specific rules for assembling them that promote good traction and prevent moisture from entering the premises.

Vertically, the chimneys are connected “by the condensate run-off” and the sections up to the triple are “by the smoke”. The wooden oven must be mounted according to all the rules, otherwise, there may be problems with its operation.