Wood Fired Hot Tub: Basics and Process of Work

Wood Fired Hot Tub: Basics and Process of Work

It’s no secret nowadays that drinking hot water has many health benefits. What you might not know, though, is that your body’s metabolism can be boosted simply by taking a swim in a warm pool or sitting in a hot bath.

Wood fired hot tubs are the newest way to enjoy this experience without the wait time and high costs of traditional heating systems. They offer instant heat with beautifully designed furnishings for any setting – from rustic to industrial chic. In this article, we’ll look at the basics of wood-fired hot tubs and how they work.

What are Wood Fired Hot Tubs?

Wood-fired hot tubs are just like traditional spas, but instead of using electricity or gas to heat the water, they use a fire pit to focus more energy on the water. Fire is an excellent tool used by some cultures for ceremonial purposes and heating homes in colder climates. However, most users will simply be interested in its health benefits or simply the luxury of relaxing in their very own spa without waiting a minimum of 60 minutes for it to heat up.

Wood-Fired Hot Tub Options

There are many different ways to build a wood fired hot tub, from adding heat from below through the floor as with a steam bath to heating your tub top with the addition of a few rocks for creating steam. There is no right or wrong answer regarding how you want your hot tub set up. Most importantly, you ultimately find what works best for you and your family.

Accessories and Kits

Most wood fired hot tub kits are easy to assemble. Depending on your unique situation and how much you want to customize, you may have to make additions or alterations to the pieces that have been provided for you. There are kits for concrete-based hot tubs, as well as freestanding models. Some models will come with a heater included, but others may use supplemental heating such as a fire pit used in tandem with the hot tub to provide added warmth on colder days. You’ll need a power source nearby that can supply 100 volts of electricity, but if you don’t have access to the necessary plug-ins in your home, there are portable power options available.

How Hot Tubs Work

Hot tubs operate on the same basic principle as most heating systems. Hot water is pumped from a heat source, the heat from a wood fire, into the tub. Internal pumps circulate the hot water through all of the jets in your tub and keep it at a constant temperature.

Although wood fired hot tubs are built using traditional materials such as concrete or steel, they function similarly to steam baths. A steam room is made up of a large room with walls lined with pipes connected to an automatic valve system that releases steam into the room as needed.


A fire pit replaces the pipes in a wood-fired hot tub, and your water heater is placed atop a large smokestack. As the fire burns, it heats your tub until it reaches its desired temperature. Some people like to use multiple smaller fires to have more precise control over the temperature of their hot tub. You can also heat rocks in a separate fire pit first, then place them in your hot tub once they have begun to radiate heat.

Once you’ve heated your water to the desired temperature, you can turn off your fire and switch off the heater. The water will remain hot for up to 72 hours. To reheat it, simply start a new fire or add more rocks.

The Benefits of Hot Tubs

Regardless of whether you use steam or wood-fired hot tubs to heat your water, there are many benefits to consider when building one in your backyard. A warm bath can help ease sore muscles, it is a natural stress reliever, and soothing experiences such as these encourage relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

With the right hot tub, you will not only experience the benefits of aromatherapy but a safe and relaxing atmosphere in which to benefit from all the many health benefits of hot water.


Wood-fired hot tubs are yet another example of hot water’s health benefits. They use a wood fire to heat the water and have the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing. Whether you decide to purchase a kit or build your spa from the ground up, making your wood-fired hot tub is undoubtedly worth exploring when you want a new way to relax.


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