Wood Fired Hot Tub: Safety Considerations

Wood Fired Hot Tub: Safety Considerations

I’m sure you’ve seen those gorgeous photos of a roaring fire and an idyllic hot tub. But, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind before you get that dream to hot-tub.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the best tips for a safe and enjoyable wood-fired hot-tub experience. We’ve answered all your questions, from safety features to creating that perfect ambiance. Now it’s time to break out the marshmallows!

What are the Benefits of a Wood Fired Hot Tub?

The average wood fired hot tub costs ten times less than a traditional indoor one. Even if you factor in the cost of installation and electricity, the savings can be enormous.

  • It’s also highly efficient because wood-fired hot tubs are self-cleaning and require much less energy to operate than traditional ones.
  • The concrete or tile base underneath is heated quickly while the water sits on top and is not exposed to air unless it is being used.
  • A wood-fired hot tub can remove up to 99% of chlorine from water!

As an added benefit, having one of these hot tubs in your home will lower your energy bills. It’s estimated that your electricity will be reduced by 20% because of decreasing heating costs.

What are the Risks of a Wood Fired Hot Tub?

Wood-fired hot tubs can pose a few risks to consider if you plan to use them:

  1. Exposure to the elements. During winter, your wood fired hot tub could melt and become sopping wet; this could lead to a frozen lock or electrical problem in the winter months. If you live in a milder climate, you may need to consider adding insulation around your hot tub and covering it with an insulated cover.
  2. Drains need maintenance. Hot-tubs need drains for the water to flow out of the tub. If you have a leaky drain, you could end up with water in your floor or your basement.
  3. Accidents can happen. Hot-tubs are fun, but they don’t want to involve children. Accidents can occur, and it will be up to the parents to ensure they are safe enough with hot tubs/Jacuzzi.
  4. Burns and scalds are possible if a hot tub is not covered correctly or if a hose accident occurs while in use. A burn or scald will require immediate medical attention and may be life-threatening if not treated immediately by a doctor.

What is most important: safety measures or ambiance?

If you are a homeowner who’s considering a wood fired hot tub, then you may be wondering what’s more important: safety measures or ambiance? For some people, safety is the most important thing. From checking out the brand of wood burning hot tub to ensuring there are no leaks and that everything is secure in place, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What Can I Do?

Here are some things you can do to ensure your wood fired hot tub remains secure and safe.

  1. Make sure that all of your drains are working correctly and designed by manufacturer recommendation (hot tub dealers will know about this).
  2. Have hoses that are located away from fireplaces and other elements.
  3. Cover your hot tub when not in use to protect it from the elements, especially snow and rain.
  4. Keep an eye on the weather conditions and ensure that your hot tub is adequately covered so that it doesn’t leak water into your home or basement.
  5. Only use your hot tub during appropriate temperatures for indoor pools (recommended for use between 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit).
  6. After each use, drain out the water and clean any membranes or filters before storing or being left outdoors (if you live in a warmer climate).
  7. Make sure to check all of your pipes, valves, wires, etc., before a) leaving your hot tub outside over the winter b) putting it away for the wintertime.
  8. Ensure that your electrical connections are unplugged and that you’ve removed your water connections before taking down the hot tub for storage.
  9. Be sure to clean your hot tub regularly and maintain it regularly (every 3-4 weeks).
  10. Have a safety measure plan in place, just in case something happens to go wrong with the hot tub.


So, there you have it! Your guide for how to use a wood fired hot tub safely.

If you are still unsure about how to use a wood fired hot tub, then you should contact a reputable dealer or company who can answer all your questions and give you their advice on how to make the most of your new hot tub.


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