Wood fired hot tub

Wood-fired hot tub operates only on the principle of gravity. It is efficient, simple and made of natural materials, and is environmentally friendly. Many of the wood-fired hot tubs are used in the provinces where there is a wealth of wood. It can reduce operating costs when using hot tubs. Because firewood tubs do not use electricity, there is no forced circulation system like other jet busses. Instead, thermosiphons, the principle of nature, are used.

Fire wood-fired hot tub Mechanism

A thermosiphon is a physics in which hot water rises. In the mostly wood-fired hot tub, the fire warms the water, and the water slowly climbs to the top port of the hot bathtub. At the same interval, cold water is carried into the heater and warmed. Inside the wood-burning stove, there are pipes. When the woodstove fire heats the water in the line, the water flows upwards from the upper pipe into the bathtub, and cold water flows from the lower pipe toward the furnace. It allows the water to circulate while heating. This system is completely natural and is not noisy because it does not use electricity. There is no power jet in the bathtub, so you can relax and soak. There is a seat in the wood-fired hot tub UK, and you can relax while enjoying the sounds of nature while drinking a cold drink. There is a small stream nearby, and it is popular with guests that it is very relaxing. The pure spring water from your garden, used in the bathtub, is completely emptied for each guest, and the barrels are washed. It uses granules containing oxygen without strong chlorine, does not burden the skin and keeps the hot water fresh.

Temperature regulation

There are two ways to adjust the temperature of the wood-fired hot tub UK: increase or decrease the amount of wood in the woodstove or close or open the vent. If the water gets too hot, you can remove the heat insulation lid for a short while to let the heat out or put cold water in a barrel from a nearby hose pipe.

How prolonged does it need to heat the tub?

Depending on the size of your wood-fired hot tub, if your tub is very large and it is very comfortable for four people, it takes more time than a small tub. Mill cottage barrel is for two people, and it is shaped like a cute bath, but the amount of water is small, and it warms up quickly. The main reasons for the time it takes to warm the bathtub are as follows.
  • The size of a barrel, or the amount of water heated
  • Outside temperature
  • The quality and quantity of firewood in a wood stove
In the summer, it can take about 3 hours from the standing of the 4-person barrel, and in the winter, it can take 4.5 hours. However, now we have a thick insulation cover so that we can shorten this time a little.

Maintenance of wood-fired hot tub

The use of wood stoves is different from ordinary electric or gas stoves. The user usually puts water in the hot tub in a wood-burning stove and drains the water after two or three uses. Such short-term use does not require chemicals, which is a great advantage for those who want to experience a purely chemical-free hot tub. As with other wooden fired hot tubs, the exterior must be dyed if the customer maintains a rich cedar colour. If left clean, the hot tub will ultimately convert into a natural grey colour.  

Bottom Line

Wood-fired hot tub stoves are commonly used separately from other bathtubs, so users insert water in the tub, utilise it 2-3 times, and then remove the water. This short-term use does not require chemicals, so it is a great advantage if you prefer a non-chemical hot tub. This wood stove has a smooth shape, allowing you to spend more relaxed and comfortable than ever before. It is the perfect size for large families and those who want to enjoy a relaxing space.