Wood Heated Hot Tubs: All Natural and Zero Fossil Fuel Use

Wood Heated Hot Tubs: All Natural and Zero Fossil Fuel Use

Wood-heated hot tubs are a new form of sustainable energy. They don’t need any fossil fuel resources to operate, nor do they produce pollutants that the environment is not used to absorbing. In fact, these mineral-filled tubs can be recycled without harming our already fragile world.


They save on electricity costs and provide a high-end product with no additives or harsh chemicals contributing to global warming either. Wood heaters are affordable and environmentally friendly for most people looking for a hot tub with low maintenance costs.

What is a Wood Heater?

A wood-heated hot tub is a heated water bath that is built around a wooden barrel that holds the hot water. Many different designs and materials can be used as the barrel but most commonly, these tubs utilize the waste wood products from sawmills and mills to give their users a safe and relaxing experience.

Mature trees are used to create the best heating method for hot tubs because they contain many natural materials and minerals found within them. Wood is a great conductor of heat and can efficiently transfer that energy to the water. This makes it an ideal choice for a hot tub because all of the minerals and microorganisms contained in the wood can help regulate the temperature within your tub.

The barrel is then placed into the water and sealed at the end with a handle to allow for simple filling. A drain hole at the bottom of these barrels will allow for quick draining of any excess water that may build up over time.

Top 8 Reasons to Use a Wood Heater

1. The Barrel

The tub’s barrel is the core of the hot tub’s heating method. It serves as an insulator, allowing for even heating regardless of winds or forces nature can dish out. The barrel holds up to approximately 1000 gallons of water and protects the water from freezing during everyday use.

2. Long Lasting

Wood heaters are not only eco-friendly but they will last for years with no need for maintenance or replacement parts. The barrel is made out of natural materials and will not break or crack over time.

3. Great for Older Tub

Most tubs come with a drain that can pose a problem for older tubs that use fillers and chemical additives to keep them warm. This inhibits heat transfer and can damage the tub’s seals and plastic components.

4. Provides Soothing Feel

Because the tub is designed without chemicals, it will not emit any odors during use. The water is filtered and purified by the wood’s minerals allowing for a true sensory experience that will also help improve muscle tension, stress, and depression.

5. Reusable for Outdoor Fires

The wood heater can be used to heat outdoor fires as well. This means that you can get more out of your hot tub purchase by getting double usage out of the barrel after you’ve finished with your hot tub experience.

6. Safe to Use Indoors

Hot tubs are always best used in a well-ventilated area that provides enough circulation around the hot tub’s location. Without proper ventilation, the wood-heated model is just as safe indoors as any other hot tub design.

7. Affordable Maintenance

The wood-heated pool is much more affordable to maintain than most options when you consider the extras that come with many other hot tubs. The barrel and steel valve will still only cost the same as a regular hot tub and all of the maintenance can be done right on your property without impacting your daily activities.

8. No Need to Pump Up

The wood-heated tub is convenient because there is no need to pump up or maintain it. It is constant and always ready for use.


Wood-heated hot tubs are a new and affordable choice for those seeking a new and fun way to relax after long days of work. They’re cost-effective, durable, and will provide an oasis of warmth for all users.

They’re a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a hot tub, including people who live in areas with an increasing demand for natural energy sources.


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