Wooden hot tub

Wooden hot tub


The trench baths are of high quality. They are cheaper than other wooden baths/vats. Since the spruce is relatively stable, it is perfectly suitable for the production of any items intended for bathing (e.g., vats, pods, baths). Spruce is relatively lighter than other wood species so that if necessary, the spruce bath is easily moved from place to place. We use Siberian spruce, which, due to harsh growing conditions, has acquired useful properties that make its wood very strong, durable, and environmentally resistant.


If properly maintained, open-air Spruce baths can be used for 15 years or more. The procedure for such baths is fairly simple. During the dry period, it is sufficient to maintain the humidity, change the water and clean the bath every 2 weeks, and every 3 months to wash the bath with standard cleaning agents.


Benefits of wood:

  • production of any kind of wood
  • matte or glossy surface
  • easy installation
  • hygienic, lightweight, and easy to clean
  • availability of a hydromassage system
  • long service life
  • design is relevant even after years
  • ease of care


When choosing a wooden plumber, you have to consider its moisture resistance. Therefore, the masters in the manufacture of wooden baths choose the rocks from which the hulls of the ships are built. The most popular are Hungarian wood and teak wood. Ships have for centuries ensured the permeability of this wood. Over the years, technology has improved. The experience of ancient shipbuilders helped to achieve excellent results in protecting the tree from moisture while preserving the original beauty of the tree. The absence of gaps between the boards, the polishing and coating of the finished product with special varnish will ensure the absolute tightness of the whole structure.

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