Wooden hot tubs – double pleasure

Wooden hot tubs – double pleasure

There is no limit to perfection. This is what popular wisdom says, and it is right. So we decided to improve the good old jacuzzi so that it will serve you not only happily ever after, but also have a double healing effect.

Health and pleasure are what everyone needs. The opportunity to relax in a warm hot tub in the fresh air will add even more positive emotions and positively affect your well-being. And the opportunity to share happy moments with a loved one or even a group of friends will add invaluable impressions to the precious time when it turns out to be together. It is often difficult to surprise yourself and your guests with something new, but our fonts will surely cause a pleasant surprise.

Now there is a unique opportunity not only to enjoy all the benefits of hydro massage but also to receive the healing power of trees.

A jacuzzi is made of wood. Yes, just a jacuzzi made of wood. The secret of this innovation is quite simple. Unlike the usual acrylic construction, the wooden hot tubs have more than just an excellent hydromassage effect. A wooden hot tub will turn pleasant hydromassage bubbles into a medicinal infusion, which, simultaneously with a massage, will heal the entire body.

The jacuzzi is made of woodworks according to the same principle as its parent. But at the same time, massage in a wooden hot tub has a double healing property.

In a wooden hot tub, the airflow coming from the bottom of the bath creates a kind of geyser effect. Thanks to this, the water in the wooden hot tub has a wonderful massage effect. This massage itself gently affects the back and lower back, relieves the nervous and muscle tension that the body accumulates during the day. And this miraculous effect on the body enhances the healing properties of the very material from which the wooden hot tubs. Thanks to this, a wooden hot tub will become your irreplaceable healer at home.

Many have already been lucky enough to try vats on the fire – but it is not easy to equip such a vat. And it is also difficult to handle. Japanese Ofuro bowls (which are used in combination with Furako vats) have had a healing and relaxing effect on the human body for centuries. But not everyone has the opportunity to equip a full-fledged Japanese bath, and even in Japan, such baths are often public, while the opportunity to have a personal bath for healing therapy is undeniably better.

Modern technologies make it possible to combine the positive impact of traditional fonts and ease of use with a beautiful appearance. Wooden and metal fonts are very difficult to maintain in good condition, especially with occasional private use. The composite bowl can be simply wiped off after use, even when using essential oils and herbs. If necessary, it is very easy to do a more thorough sanitization. A stove specially selected for use in conjunction with such a bowl allows you to relatively quickly heat water wherever it is needed, and after use, it is easy to clean. And she will wait without unnecessary difficulties when you again have a desire to rest your body and soul. And the complete set with illumination and hydromassage or air nozzles – make fonts made of composite materials even more functional.

Such a font will also become an unusual and practical addition to traditional baths. And even those who are not very fond of steam rooms will be delighted with your bath. Since the pleasure of such a spa is guaranteed.

To heat the font with wood, you can use an unusual tool for chopping wood – a standard wood splitter. It is safe and easy to operate, and does not require significant physical strength. Not only physically strong men but also elderly people, as well as women, can easily use the wood splitter. With the help of a wood splitter, you can quickly and easily prepare the required amount of firewood for your font. Thus, not only the bathing process but also the chopping of firewood for the font will become an exciting activity for many household members.

In summer, the plunge pool can be used as a plunge pool or a large outdoor bath. And in winter, it will give you an excellent feeling of the contrast between the ambient temperature and the heated water in the font. The combination of light frost and pleasant steam will relax, cheer up and invigorate. In a word, such bathing is an excellent and healthy way of relaxation and entertainment in the open air.

The hot tub will organically fit into the design of the cottage area. These natural wood products are available in different styles and, in addition to the pleasant sensations from bathing, will add coziness to a country courtyard. As standard, the hot tub is equipped with:

  • ladder
  • seat
  • wrench for tightening the hoops
  • drainage of water

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