Those who have a garden, but also a spacious balcony can choose to install outdoor hot tubs. They are ideal for a relaxing evening, but also for a sunny day to spend with friends or alone. Here we present the best garden sauna models, wood burning hot tubs, wooden hot tubs,round hot tub, the most beautiful ones on the market. Before purchasing a home sauna, always check the water flow rate and the total current absorption because they are real mini-pools.





JACUZZI J-335. Line with a modern and innovative design, the new jets inserted throughout the range make the outdoor hydromassage perfect and relaxing. The aesthetics are increasingly fascinating thanks to the new colors and the controls are even easier to use thanks to a completely new control system. With this new line, Jacuzzi has made the whirlpool tub even more effective in the back, also enhancing those of the neck, legs and feet thanks to the rotating jet that generates well-being. It measures 213X213X91 cm and can accommodate up to 5 people. We remind you that when the whirlpool is not used it is good practice to cover it with the appropriate cover.




LIMELIGHT FLAIR. Classic line for this outdoor hot tubs,characterized by continuous curves that develop a fluid movement and make the environment elegant, ensuring maximum relaxation. The Limelight bathtubs are also equipped with a lounge seat, chromotherapy and the possibility of creating two types of fountains: the classic type that can act as both a directional and rotating jet, and the Vidro type, a spectacular waterfall that creates a flowing arch of water.


SOFTUB 300+. American brand that produces very light outdoor whirlpools, therefore easily transportable and disassembled. The model can hold up to six people. Equipped with LED lighting with the possibility of putting colored lights for chromotherapy. It has a directional jet that works for both large and medium flow rates. Diameter of 200 × 170 cm for a height of 69 cm, it can accommodate up to 6 people.



ACQUAFORM POLLUX 300. Built with the same material as the Olympic swimming pools, this pool can accommodate up to ten people. The hot tub Bs equipped with both a water jet and a very powerful air jet that allows you to choose the speed to intensify your hydrotherapy as desired, choosing between invigorating and relaxing. The tank is equipped with an electronic control system that is able to detect the heating of the water and the devices connected to it, maximizing yield and decreasing energy consumption.




BAUEN BAHAMA. Underground whirlpool tub consisting of five relaxation positions and equipped with various massage jets in the most important parts of the body: back, shoulders and feet. The tank can accommodate a maximum of five people and is composed of fifty-five rotating and directional jets of medium and large capacity. Possibility of LED chromotherapy and heating with automatic temperature control. It measures 2.3 × 2.3 meters.






Teuco Cheers: hydromassage mini-pool available both above ground and built-in in 4 different sizes, model CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4. Starting from the smallest measuring 160 × 220 up to the largest of 230 × 230 cm. Both the color of the internal shell and the external slatted panels can be customized. You can connect an audio font for listening to music either through the classic jack or with Bluetooth. Optional aromatherapy.




Hafro Sun: this is an outdoor whirlpool tub measuring 213 x 160 cm, rectangular in shape by 75 cm in height that can accommodate 2 people. The paneling is in gray oak while the water flow rate is 660 liters. The Plus version has 42 jets, while the Sun one has 20. It is equipped with a water heater that alone absorbs 3 kW, bringing the total consumption to 5.2 Kw with the whirlpool on. The tub is equipped with a thermal cover, 55 LED chromotherapy, aromatherapy and HI-FI system.




Sundeck by Duravit: rectangular in shape with paneling in 7 different coverings. It has a nice upper padding that keeps the water temperature and on which you can also lie down. It is available in different sizes: for one or two people. (210 × 140 cm) to be installed both in the corner and in the center of the room or in the center of the garden.

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