Ofuro Hot Tubs


For those who would find it insufficient to sit in the dome

wooden jacuzzi. Which will only take a couple of days or even hours to install depending on the size and what the customer wants to fit the font. What’s in the hot tub:

– hydromassage,

– air massage,

– wood burning heater,

– led lights.


The furnace is internal wood, wood partition, steps external for entry, shops «in a circle», hoops made of stainless steel, bottom plums, shelves external, recommended to be treated with natural linen oil – the best natural antiseptic for wood products, protects them from rotting, fungus and excessive drying.


Ofuro Jacuzzis are made of quality, specially treated wood, have different sizes, and can be custom made. The coating favors the structure of the wood, gives the tree a soft matt surface, and significantly prolongs the life of the offer, Japanese bath, furako from oak.


Advantages of fiberglass:

  • No noise when drawing water.
  • Keep the water warm for a long time.
  • They have a non-slip bottom and sides.
  • They retain their original whiteness for a long time.
  • They do not accumulate bacteria on the surface.
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